Kris Jenner Did Surprisingly Well Playing The ‘Price Is Right’ With James Corden

Kris Jenner, come on down, you’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right! Well, kind of. While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host wanted to know if the Kardashian matriarch still goes grocery shopping and how much she was "in touch" with the prices of common household items today, so he put her to the test by making her a contestant on his version of the iconic game show. Kris Jenner played The Price Is Right and absolutely nailed the game, proving that stars really are just like us.

Before the game started, Jenner claimed that she loves a "good Costco run" and online shopping, even proclaiming that she is a "professional shopper" before Corden quipped that she was only a pro when shopping at Balenciaga. So the host slapped a name tag on her pantsuit and made her the next contestant on The Price Is Right, even making her sit in the audience so they could recreate the classic intro and "choose" her from the crowd. The prize that Jenner played for? A sit-on lawn mower, as presented by a hunky guy in overalls.

"If you were to win this tonight, would this encourage you to ride around and mow the lawn?," Corden asked. "With him?" Jenner joked back about the man. The host even wondered if she had ever cut her own grass, which led to this hilarious answer: "Well, what do you mean by grass?" But after she decided that the lawn mower could make a great Christmas gift for her son-in-law Kanye West, it was full steam ahead on the game.

Jenner’s challenge was to win a round of Hi-Lo, where she had to guess which three common groceries were the most expensive out of six items — Funfetti cake mix, Glad ForceFlex trash bags, a box of Lucky Charms (with three new unicorns), a bag of cat food, a can of men’s deodorant spray, and Bruce’s Yams canned sweet potatoes.

Her first choice was the deodorant, which she guessed cost around seven dollars. To her and everyone else’s shock, she hit it right on the money, as it retailed exactly $6.99. Maybe she goes to Target more than everyone thinks (after all, who doesn’t overspend at Target?) Next, she chose the trash bags, which came in at $9.99, and after some help from the audience, she finally guessed the cat food was more expensive, and what do you know, it came out on top at a whopping $21.69.

But were the remaining three items cheaper than her picks? They were, indeed. The Funfetti mix was the most affordable, coming in at only $1.29, while the Lucky Charms and canned yams were both priced at just over three dollars. Perhaps Jenner really is a professional shopper after all.

Although Jenner confesses that she only does her own shopping "when she can," which likely means almost never, it is now obvious that the momager could beat anyone on the actual game of The Price Is Right. Stars, they’re just like us!

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