Kim Kardashian Donates $3,000 To Help A Family On GoFundMe

Kim Kardashian is recognized for her contributions to the world of reality television through her family’s wildly successful show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and of course, as a result of her wildly successful SKIMS undergarment and clothing line. She has gone on to dominate in the world of business, with each venture she embarks on adding yet another income stream to the star’s already expansive fortune. In fact, she has recently been declared ‘a billionaire’ by Forbes and has done her fair share of financial flaunting. Everything she owns is a top-end-designer brand, and she lives in the lap of luxury among her many mansions and sprawling estates. However, before passing judgment on her excessive spending and opulent lifestyle, it appears Kim is also gracious, generous, and kind. In fact, Page Six reports that she just saved a mother and four of her young children from certain eviction by donating every penny they were asking for to their GoFundMe page.

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When Angelia Cantrell posted her story on GoFundMe, she was hoping for a miracle to save her family. After having triplet boys and a young daughter with her loving husband, tragedy struck their family.

Angelia indicated that she had lost her job due to pandemic-related cutbacks and suffered the devastating loss of her husband, who lost his life after contracting Covid-19.

In spite of her best efforts, Angelia wasn’t able to keep up with the bills that were piling up and found herself falling behind on finances while struggling to take care of her four little children, all alone.

She was hoping that a few generous donations would help her bridge the gap on her next rent payment, but she had no idea that she would exceed her requested donation value or that a superstar would swoop in to save the day.

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Kim Kardashian does a lot of things for the sake of gaining media attention, but this was not one of them. It is said that she intended for this donation to be anonymous, but she inadvertently forgot to conceal her name at the time that she donated money to Angelia Cantrell.

Cantrell was incredibly appreciative and stunned to discover that the real Kim Kardashian had so greatly impacted her life. She has since raised the value of her request, citing that more bills have piled up.

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Sources: Page Six, Grazia Magazine

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