Kate Middletons appearance at 2022 Commonwealth Day shows happier family team than 2020

Royals arrive at the Commonwealth Day Celebration

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Kate Middleton, 40, wore a customised Catherine Walker sapphire dress on Monday’s Commonwealth Day Service. She appeared happy and relaxed next to her husband Prince William, 39, who attended the service together. Prince Charles, 73, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, also attended the service.

Two years ago at the same Commonwealth Day Service, Kate and William were there but the atmosphere was quite different.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were attending as their final engagement as working members of the Royal Family.

After this event, they left the United Kingdom and moved to California in the USA.

Judi James, a body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk comparing Kate’s body language from two years ago to the service yesterday in Westminster Abbey.

She said: “Probably the best example of the change of mood and atmosphere from 2020 to yesterday’s service came from Kate’s body language.

“In 2020, with the Sussexes’ about to leave the UK and relocate to the US the tension appeared palpable.

“While Harry sat in the pews next to his politely smiling wife his facial expressions changed between haunted and stricken.

“Prince Edward sat trying to keep the couple in an animated and jolly-looking conversation while William and Kate took their seats in the row in front.

“Although the Cambridges’ had walked down the aisle trying to project a look of relaxed formality, William’s body language rituals illustrated the tension he and everyone were feeling.

“Meanwhile, Kate’s serious and unsmiling facial expression reflected all the negative emotional undercurrents.”

“Greetings were either curt, frosty or non-existent,” she claimed.

“Sophie turned a very chilly-looking eye to Meghan and Kate appeared to ignore or only partly return her smile of hello.

“William and Kate’s postures were upright and tense.”

But how did this compare to yesterday’s service?

Judi continued: “Yesterday’s service could hardly have thrown up more in the way of contrast.

“What we saw yesterday was the pared-down royal party looking effusive in their displays of fondness and affection during their greeting rituals.

“Kate looked upbeat, relaxed and as happy as normal with no signs of tension or anxiety.

“She walked beside William with her arms down at her sides to register confidence she chatted to her husband before engaging the hosts in animated conversations.

“Kate and Charles stood talking like friends reunited after a long absence and her greeting kiss ritual for Camilla showed a new fondness we haven’t been treated to in public before.

“She looked very much like a woman for whom the challenges and dramas of the royal rifts were now consigned to the past.

“We’ve seen her in the role of pacifier and unifier while the crisis was raging but here she looked more like a woman happy to settle into her role as future Queen with a happier family team around her.”

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