Jocelyn Tsaih's Playful Figures Have Arrived at Good Mother Gallery

This weekend, Oakland’s Good Mother Gallery launched an exhibition featuring the works of Jocelyn Tsaih and Bryon Christman. The show, called “Crossroads,” includes new paintings from both of the Bay Area artists, as well as a collaborative mural that stretches across the gallery’s space.

The duo show showcases each artist’s distinct art style; Tsaih’s faceless figures are shown in various positions holding flowers, while Christman’s fragmented, abstract pieces arrive in a variety of colorful gradients. Together, the pieces complement one another, yet contrast in color, subject matter and tone. Situated around the paintings and on the walls of Good Mother Gallery is a mural that depicts Tsaih’s figures in black on a blue background designed by Christman. The forms overlap each other, creating a natural landscape for the figures to lounge and play on.

View “Crossroads” now in person via appointment and through a virtual 3D tour that will be available soon. The exhibition will run for two weeks.

Elsewhere in art, José Parlá will launch his third solo exhibition with Yuka Tsuruno Gallery in Tokyo titled “The Awakening.”

Good Mother Gallery
408 13th Street
Oakland, CA, 94612
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