JLo & Ben Affleck fans think she dropped major hints about rekindled romance before their Montana getaway was revealed

FANS have shared their theories that JLo's Vax Live performance was a nod to rekindling her early 2000's romance with Ben Affleck, as he watched from the audience.

The couple split ways in 2003, just days before they were supposed to walk down the aisle due to "excessive media attention."

Jennifer, 51, headlined the Vax Live concert over the weekend, where she opened the show with an amazing rendition of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline.

Some of the singer's dedicated followers noticed that the opening "chords" of her performance stemmed from another song, one written during her relationship with Ben Affleck, 48.

Instagram gossip site DeuxMoi shared fan's theories that her performance was a nod to her rekindled relationship with the actor, just weeks after her split with Alex Rodriguez.

"When she opened the show it was into the chords of her son I'M GLAD. Most people don't know this but JLo has NEVER EVER used/sung that song before cuz it was one of the songs she'd written for Ben Affleck," one reasoned.

"Since 2003 (release date) JLo ignored the existence of that song…one of her main choreographers said that they always mention this song and recommend it to her to add into setlists, medleys, etc but she always refused it (cuz it used to remind her of Ben)," they explained further.

"Such a shame cuz it is one of fan favorites….It was so interesting that she picked it as intro after all those years for Vax live concert when Ben Affleck was there. She's definitely trolling us and she knows it!!" the fan surmised.

Many of JLo's dedicated followers also believed that her choice to sing Sweet Caroline was a nod to the Batman vs. Superman actor, as the song is classic for the Boston Red Socks and he was raised in the North-Eastern city.

They continued: "Not to mention that she could've picked ANY SONG from her own catalogue but she decided to do a cover – Sweet Caroline – which is 100 percent a Boston song (played at most Boston home games) and Ben Affleck is a Boston native and huge Red Sox fan.

"JLo says that she picked it for her mother but who was she fooling, Lupe, (JLo's mum) ADORES Ben, (they used to go gambling together.)

"As a huge JLo fan I can say that Jen brought her mother there so that Lupe can spend time with Ben," the fan guessed.

Others agreed with the theory, as another took to Twitter to write: "JLo sang Sweet Caroline at the Vax Live concert and that’s all the proof I need that she’s back with Ben Affleck."

"Did anyone watch Vax Live last night? Funny how JLo opened with 'Sweet Caroline'," another mentioned.

"Was that a nod to Ben Affleck? Inquiring minds from Boston want to know because I've heard some things."

On April 15th, JLo and ARod confirmed that they would be ending their engagement after four years together.

Ben has swooped in to be a comforting figure for the Hustlers star, 17 years after their breakup, and it was revealed that the ex-couple took a week-long vacation together to Montana.

Sources told People that the celebrity duo was spotted riding in a car together near Big Sky on Monday, where the Good Will Hunting star owns a home.

"[Jennifer] spent several days with Ben out of town. They have a strong connection. It's all been quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy," the insider told the outlet.

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