Jennifer Lopez Is a Pole Dancing Queen in the Teaser for the Hustlers Trailer

If you haven't already put together the dozens and dozens of paparazzi photos from the set of Hustlers to craft your own DIY trailer yet, there's good news. Entertainment Tonight reports that the film's stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and Lili Reinhart, posted first looks to their Twitter feeds, giving their followers very quick glimpses of the movie before the actual trailer drops on July 17. In the clips, we get to know the characters just a little bit better and they all get the job done, because after seeing these sneak peeks, we all want more.

Hustlers is actually based on "The Hustlers at Scores," a story that originally appeared in New York Magazine. Thanks to the movie being filmed in New York City, fans have seen Lopez and Co. on the actual streets coming and going from filming locations — vintage Juicy Couture and all. Thanks to these clips, we now know who's playing who and exactly how they fit into the story of strippers doing it for themselves and stealing from their Wall Street clientele during the 2008 financial crisis. 

Lopez offered a short peek of her character, Ramona, rolling in a pile of cash. For Lopez, we're guessing it's not much of a stretch. Her moves on the pole aren't so bad, either.

While Wu isn't on a pole like Lopez, her character, Destiny, does flash a credit card, which could give viewers a preview of exactly why she's in her line of work.

Reinhart's character seems more reserved from her preview, but there's no telling what happens when she takes the stage. We're guessing it's not just selfies and cat cuddling.

While Cardi B also has billing on the flick, she hasn't shared a video just yet, even though she and fellow musician Lizzo are tagged in each actor's tweets. Cardi told ET that when casting began, she was actually supposed to have a bigger role. Unfortunately for all of us, her schedule didn't allow for her to do anything more than a small role.

"Well, [Lopez] called me. Well, she first spoke to my team and she really wanted me to do, like, the second lead role," she explained. "Due to the fact that I gotta work on my album, I got a little smaller role."

Cardi also mentioned how her real-life experience working in strip clubs helped her and the rest of the cast. She's made no apologies for working as a stripper in the past, even incorporating it into many of her song lyrics, like "I don't dance now / I make money moves," in her hit "Bodak Yellow."

"All the actresses in the movie, I can tell them, like, 'No no no, this is how it goes' because, you know, like the club that the movie is based on, that's the type of club that I worked in," she added.

Madeline Brewer, Keke Palmer, and Tracy Lysette also posted previews. It's not enough to piece together an entire movie, but it'll help any fans looking to beef up what they've already got.

And Julia Stiles took the time to post a general announcement, telling her followers to come back on July 17 for the real thing. The full movie hits theaters on September 13.

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