It’s Starting To Look Like Rogelio Might Die On ‘Jane The Virgin’

With only a handful of Jane the Virgin episodes left to go until the series comes to a close, it’s time for fans to start wondering how some of these remaining storylines are going to wrap up, particularly because there’s so many questions that need to be answered. This includes the "many deaths" that showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman promised would come to pass. And while it’s unclear who she was referring to, the clues that Rogelio dies on Jane the Virgin are believable enough to make fans very worried about what the future holds in store for Jane’s beloved father.

Sure, he can be a little self-centered at times, but Rogelio’s passion for acting is only rivaled by his love for his family. He would do anything for them, which is why it would be so devastating if something were to happen to him by the end of the season. And yet, that seems to be a very possible outcome. Back in March, Urman teased a few plot details about Jane the Virgin Season 5 during an interview with TVLine that promised a wedding, a pregnancy, and yes, several deaths.

“There’s a wedding in the middle of our season this year," Urman teased to the outlet, which most likely referred to Alba and Jorge’s ceremony, while adding: "Jane always has a pregnancy around the season finale, and that will happen."

However, that’s when the good news ended. “There are deaths," Urman stated. "It’s a telenovela. People are going to have to die." So what makes Rogelio a likely prospect for this tragic demise? Here are a few clues that could indicate his days are numbered…

1. He’s Made Plenty Of Enemies

His family may love him, but that doesn’t mean everyone is tolerant of Rogelio’s various antics, especially when dealing with his place of work. Not to mention the fact that River Fields seemed adamant about getting revenge on him for rejecting her advances. Could bygones really be bygones or is that just what she wants him to think?

2. The Narrator Factor

If Matteo really is the narrator like many people suspect that he is, then that means there’s bound to be a flash-forward scene at some point, showing him narrating the story of his mother’s life. But if Matteo is significantly older, then that would mean Rogelio would be as well and perhaps no longer around anymore. It’s a sad thought, to say the least, but definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

3. It’d Be Completely Unexpected

Rogelio has never been on Sin Rostro’s radar nor has he faced any health scares like Xo. By all accounts, he really should be in the clear when it comes facing any potentially dangerous threats. But perhaps that in itself is what makes him the most likely target. No one would see it coming, and fans of this show know how much Jane the Virgin loves to deliver a shocking twist every so often. Viewers shouldn’t put it past the writers to throw one more curveball our way before the series is over.

4. His Dream Is About To Come True

As exciting as it is to see Rogelio’s American TV series become a reality, it could also serve as the kiss of death. Allowing a character to fulfill their destiny can be great, but it can also indicate that they no longer have any unfinished business, which leaves their fate vulnerable.

It would be heartbreaking to lose Rogelio, but if anyone would know how to make a dramatic exit, it would be this guy. So if it has to be him, at the very least it will be memorable and done in a blaze of glory.

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