Inside Emmerdales Anna Nightingale’s pregnancy and how shes filmed the soap during it

Emmerdale hasn't been without its drama and tense scenarios recently, and Anna Nightingale's character has been at the centre of it, running for her life from Meena Jutla.

Luckily, Anna's life away from the soap isn't anything like her character Andrea's, and she's currently expecting a baby!

The 30 year old actress was five months along when she started filming the nail biting scenes.

Here's a look inside her pregnancy…

Inside Anna Nightingale's pregnancy

Stunning actress Anna is already mum to her daughter Autumn, four, and she posed with her while announcing she was expecting baby number two.

She told OK! Magazine: "Autumn’s very vocal and loves to talk to everyone.

“We had to be calculated about when we told her. We knew she’d do something like be in our local shop and say, ‘I’ll have this ice lolly please, and mummy’s having a baby!”

Anna is engaged to her partner Darren Dixon and they've been together for over a decade and engaged for seven years.

The couple, who share their daughter Autumn, are yet tot set a date for their wedding.

Discussing filming Emmerdale while pregnant, Anna previously told the Mirror: "There were really tough days. Then there were days I felt really empowered and thought, ‘Wow, I’m going to show these episodes to my little one on their 18th birthday’. I’m going to say, ‘Look what mummy did when she was pregnant’!”

The star had to have a consultation with her doctor before filming began and there was a stunt double used on her behalf for the falling scenes.

"Some days I’d wake and feel 110 years old. I’d think, ‘Is this the pregnancy, or just me?’

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“I knew the filming was going to be demanding so I prepared myself. I started swimming daily," she added.

When Anna sat down with OK! to reveal the news that she is expecting her second child with fiance Daren Dixon, she talked about the route that led to Emmerdale, including her stint at Britain's very own version of Fame – The Brit School – and the megastars she studied alongside.

"Amy Winehouse was the year above me, doesn’t get much bigger than that!" laughs Anna, 30.

But that's not all. For while the tragic singer-songwriter was ahead of Anna, another of Britain's biggest female music stars was poring over Shakespeare with the future actress.

"I definitely did some stuff with Adele, we were in the same class," Anna revealed.

She continued: "Adele, of all people. Sat reading books! We did English literature together."

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