Influencer praised for posting unedited bikini picture with no filter or makeup

Karina Irby often celebrates natural beauty on her popular Instagram page.

So for her latest post, the swimwear designer decided to upload an unfiltered and candid bikini snap.

She swerved makeup and grinned widely instead of glamming up and pouting at the camera.

The 31-year-old swimwear designer, from Australia, wore a pink bandeau top with neon orange bottoms and let her unstyled hair tumble over one shoulder.

Her image, which was shared with 1.2 million followers, was captioned: “Filter free, makeup free, pose free, carefree. That’s all”.

The post has garnered more than 7,400 likes and plenty of comments of support.

One commenter wrote: “You look amazing and I can tell you feel amazing. Gosh I love your vibe.”

Another said: “Filter free and flawless.”

A third commented: “I love this picture.”

And a fourth added: “Absolutely flawless.”

Previously, Karina revealed her mission to “normalise being normal”.

After years of worrying about her appearance, the star has learned to love herself.

She wrote: “Can we normalise being normal? Please.

“Six months ago I would have been far too self-conscious posting a relaxed photo of my tummy.

"But thanks to all of your kind love & support I feel so comfortable and empowered posting content like this!


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