Influencer praised as she flaunts same body, different angle in stunning posts

An influencer has been applauded on social media for her honest posts.

Zoe, who garnered a massive following of 30,500 fans on Instagram, is known for her body positivity on social media.

She often delights her huge fanbase with her no-nonsense attitude as she previously proved "social media is not reality".

Now in a truly inspirational post, shared earlier this week, Zoe flaunted her "same body" in different lighting and angle.

The blogger wrote: "Hey please don't trust all of what you see on here. Angles. Lighting. Posing. Wide camera vs normal camera."

Her lengthy caption inspired fans as she posed in the two photos.

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She continued: "Most people only post what they want you to see!

"Unfortunately most only feel comfortable showing their 'good angles' and the 'best shots' thanks to society glorifying perfection.

"It makes people too scared to show real life. Also… who has cellulite!? I do & if you do, you're not alone!"

Zoe also said 90% of other women have cellulite as it's "f***ing normal".

She added: "It's another flaw we are all taught to hate by society… great way for many companies to profit off of our learnt flaws.

"It makes you human, it makes you YOU & there is nothing wrong with that."

Followers rushed to comment on the post as it racked up over 900 likes in the space of three days.

One wrote: "Love this," while another gushed: "Perfect," and a third said: "Queen."

A fourth Instagram follower posted: "Very important message. Oh, & you're gorgeous too."

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