I'm done with my daughter using me as a punch bag

DEAR DEIDRE: I HATE to admit it but I’m scared of my daughter.
Sometimes she is happy and kind but other times she is nasty and controlling.

She’s always suffered with anxiety and depression. She has even been physically aggressive towards me.

If she’s in a new relationship she is great at first, but then she starts demanding too much from her boyfriends.

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Inevitably they get fed up and disappear, then I am left to pick up all the pieces.

Her latest boyfriend has recently ended their relationship and I’m scared she’s going to kick off, using me as a punch bag.

I’m her mum, aged 47, and she’s 27.

DEIDRE SAYS: Just because you’re her mum it doesn’t give your daughter the right to hit you. Violence is never acceptable.

Your daughter needs a proper assessment. The highs and lows you describe could be due to bipolar disorder.

In a quiet moment, explain you will not tolerate her violent outbursts and that she must get help. Ask her to see her GP.

My support pack on Managing Anger will show her how best to stay in control of her emotions.

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