‘I’m a tattooed mum and people treat me like trash – but I dont regret ink

A heavily tattooed mum has revealed that she doesn’t regret any of her extreme ink – despite admitting that she may cover a few up with better artwork in the future.

For tattoo model Kyla, who works for popular magazine Inked, getting a tattoo hasn’t always been an irreversible decision.

The American’s body is covered in artwork, and she has also had a number of cover-ups to allow artists to re-ink over old designs.

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She recently admitted that her decisions have resulted in facing judgement from others, who look at her like she's "trash".

But Kyla has stressed that she doesn’t regret any of her extreme tattoos.

“I don’t have regrets, I would never say, ‘I wish I didn’t get that’,” she told the Inked YouTube channel.

“I have tattoos that I wish I had waited until I knew more about them or I had known better tattooists, and had more education to get them.

“So I don’t necessarily regret them.

"I think there’s one tattoo that I can say I regret letting him go over it, because it already looked bad, and I was like, ‘I can fix it’.

“But I don’t have any that I can say, ‘I wish I didn’t get that’.

"The only thing I would change about the way I did things is I wish I had just educated myself a bit more.”

For instance, Kyla admitted that she had “plagiarised” a lot of cool tattoos from Pinterest, and suggested that she wished she had taken more time for thought so that she wouldn’t need to cover up these pieces of ink later on.

But, as a professional tattoo model, Kyla admitted that her skin is so in-demand that this isn’t a major concern on a day-to-day basis.

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She stressed: “I’m not worried about the ones that aren’t so nice now because I know I can get them covered up.

“I know someone will fix them somewhere, I’m not worried about that, but could I have avoided it? Yeah, so that’s the only thing I would do differently.”


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