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FARTING is completely normal and some people trump more often than others.

But sometimes you might struggle to pass wind, which can be uncomfortable.

One expert said if you're having to bear down in order to get your farts out, then your pelvic floor could be to blame.

Physio George explained if you're prone to loose and hard stools or a combination of constipation and diarrhoea then you might struggle.

Holding up a model of the pelvic floor, she pointed out the external anal sphincter.

"If this muscle is not relaxing appropriately or if the deeper layer of the pelvic floor which is inside the pelvis is not letting go, it will essentially stay quite squeezed and tight, preventing air from coming through," she said posting to wellness brand Bien.Aus.

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She added: "This then means you need to bear down to increase the force through your pelvic floor in order to release the fart.

"This can sometimes be coincided with incontinence, so some people will complain of leakage of wee when they are trying to get farts out."

That doesn't mean your pelvic floor is necessarily weak, the expert added.

In order to help get your farts out, George said there are three things you can do when you're struggling with constipation.

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  1. Deep squats
  2. Happy baby position
  3. Diaphragmatic breathing.

A deep squat is when your hips are below the height of your knees.

George shows the deep squat position, placing her feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart before bending her knees and dropping down into a squat.

For a deeper stretch you can sway side to side slightly, as George demonstrates.

When it comes to the happy baby position, you need to lay down on your back with your legs in the air.

Bend your knees and grab hold of the sides of your feet with your legs out, as George demonstrates in the video.

"In each of those positions practise diaphragmatic breathing, so let your belly expand on the inhale, but recoil on the exhale.

"As you do this let the pelvic floor descend and recline accordingly.

"You can either do this while you fart, get into one of those positions and let it rip or do it inbetween to keep your pelvic floor nice and relaxed and to encourage that pelvic floor tightness," she added.

Experts at Cleveland Clinic state that this type of breathing, also known as belly breathing, can help you with a range of issues.

But if you have any conditions that affect the lungs or you suffer with anxiety, you should contact a medical professional before trying out this technique.

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George previously revealed four tips that could get rid of your painful trapped wind.

The expert also stated that you may have been wiping your bum wrong, and explained the right way to do it.

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