Im a 55-year-old cougar and refuse to let myself go – women shouldnt give up

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    A 55-year-old woman insists she's not going to give up on being beautiful like 'many over 50s do'.

    Fran Sawyer, from Basingstoke, is determined to prove that age doesn't define beauty. And the single mum isn't going to "let herself go" any time soon.

    The global investor and ex-model thinks women of her age tend to put looking beautiful on the back burner. But not wanting to fall into this trap, she strives to look in her best shape as she heads towards her 60s.

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    It seems to be working as she is inundated with messages from teens wanting to date her – although she's not interested.

    The stunner believes that social media and men have made women – especially those in her age range – doubt themselves. And not wanting to let this happen, she takes inspiration from glamorous celebs like Carol Vorderman and Amanda Holden.

    "I see a lot of women over 50 just give up but a look at Carol Vorderman, she looks incredible," gushed Fran in an exclusive chat with us.

    "Women like Carol Vorderman and Amanda Holden look brilliant at 62 and 52. Women are coming into their own, we should celebrate.

    "I’d like to show women that you shouldn’t give up, you know? Don’t give up! There’s a lot of women on my Facebook that are so down on themselves along with the menopause and everything.

    "There’s so many women, like over 55’s, that write on my social media 'oh I wish I looked like this’ and ‘I wish I looked like that’. But men have caused this the whole way through, not everyone is as strong as me as I had to be."

    Fran, who has raised thousands of pounds for disability charities by shaving her hair and snapping sexy photos, realises that having beauty isn't always the easiest ride, though.

    The mum, who has a 19-year-old son and 28-year-old daughter, said her looks and confidence can 'intimidate men' in social settings.

    She hasn't been in a relationship for seven years and blamed being unlucky in love on the way men view her because of her age. The mum even said that some assume that she must model on OnlyFans, while others can't accept that she is 55.

    Fran is even labelled a "cougar" due to her stunning appearance – but sadly, she doesn't find younger men attractive.

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    “I’ve been to bars and men are frightened of me," Fran giggled. "All I get is being stared at. And I’m really chatty and I’m really down to earth, so my auntie said that I’ve got to smile so I don’t look intimidating.

    "But I’m a real tomboy really and grew up with boys, I will compliment a woman if she’s nice, she’s nice. I haven’t got a bad bone in me.

    “So I’ve been trying to be a bit more chatty and they just say 'oh I suspect you do OnlyFans' and 'what is your age', it’s just what has happened? What has happened with life when they say ‘at my age’. It’s all gone against me.

    "Someone said to me, why'd you look so good? And I said, I sleep upside down like a bat and he believed me."

    You can find Fran on Instagram here.

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