I got cute tattoo of my little brother but trolls say it looks like Hasbulla

A social media star who got her brother’s face tattooed on her arm for sentimental reasons says trolls believe it looks like Hasbulla.

Libby-Mae, 20, has been bombarded with “hate” comments about the ink.

She got the tattoo 12 months ago for her little brother AJ – because heartbreakingly, she's not seen him in four years.

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But people online are convinced the portrait of the six-year-old is the spitting image of Russian viral sensation Hasbulla Magomedov.

Speaking to Daily Star, the Yorkshire woman said: “Everyone was saying it looked like Hasbulla and I didn’t even know who that was.

“I had to look him up and I thought ‘that does not look like Hasbulla’….

“I do not have Hasbulla’s face on my arm because it is clear that it is my brother and he looks identical to a photo I have of him.

“I see the comments as a bit of hate because they are trying to take the mick out of my tattoo when they clearly know it is my brother.

“Most of them were hate because they were saying it is silly that I have got my brother’s face tattooed on me.

“But everyone who knows me knows how personal it is to me.

“Originally I wasn’t going to get his face because I thought it was a bit silly but it’s not silly because I don’t see him.

“It is personal to me and I am not bothered by what people think.”

Laughing, she added: “I did a video putting his face next to my tattoo and I realised it actually does look like him a little bit.”

Hasbulla, 20, went viral on TikTok back in 2021 before amassing an army of social media followers.

He is also famed for signing a UFC contract and he is believed to have a form of dwarfism, despite never confirming that himself.

The 3ft 3 internet personality, who has been on a Mike Tyson’s podcast, once said: “I can't say that I'm handicapped. I can speak, I understand.

“I have arms and legs just like others.”

Libby-Mae meanwhile, who has 10 inklings, started her own TikTok in lockdown as a “bit of a joke” – but now has 2.7million followers and has made a career from it.

She had been studying psychology at university but is now thriving as a content creator instead.

But despite her work life paying off, the struggle of being separated from her sibling has been tough.

Explaining why they are estranged, she said: “He lives in the Philippines and he was two when I met him.

“He is my half-brother and he is my dad’s son.

“But he can’t get a visa to come over to England and because of lockdown I have not seen him in four years.

“It has been really hard to go see him because he has different times off school and it is way more complicated than people know.

“They think it is as easy as getting a flight over there but it’s not a safe place over there and he can’t come here.

“But obviously he is my little brother and it has been hard.”

AJ “loves” his sister's tattoos and he can’t wait to see her again.

And thankfully for Libby-Mae, they won’t have to wait much longer.

She said: “I have booked to see him now. It has been so long but I am going to be with him on my 21st birthday.

“I set off on June 1 and I will be there on the 3rd.”

And thankfully, she hasn't taken the tattoo confusion to heart.

She added: “What people say about tattoos doesn’t bother me any more. If I didn’t have that platform I wouldn’t be getting this hate.

“Nobody would be saying that to me on the street. It is just people behind a screen. Whoever sees it in person always likes it.”


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