I Found The Cutest Cat Scratching Post For Kittens & It's on Sale

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I’m happy to announce to the world that, after months of begging and dropping not-so-subtle hints, my boyfriend finally let me get a kitten. It happened like this: we went out shopping for men’s shoes for him in the morning and came back with a kitten that afternoon for me (and no shoes). You gotta love being the spoiled one in a relationship!

Ever since we brought Peaky (we named him after our favorite show, Peaky Blinders) home with us, we’ve been so much happier and so much more entertained. Any lulls in the day are now spent just literally watching the little guy do his thing. And this usually involves something extremely energetic and somewhat concerning. I.E., flinging his body up onto our bar cart or sprinting around our 500-square-foot apartment as if it were a track stadium. Let me tell you, it didn’t take long to look up ways to help him get his energy out. One of the best? An adorable cactus cat scratching post that I got from Chewy.

Not only does this cute scratching post help Peaky play when my partner and I are busy working, but it also helps keep his claws maintained so that he doesn’t scratch up our furniture. Now, Chewy has a few different bundles with this cute cat accessory, but if you want the post alone, it’ll cost you just over $20. Which, in my opinion, is an absolute steal given how useful it is. However, I am a sucker for all things cute and cuddly, so I bought this bundle that includes a dangling avocado plushy. Because, duh?

Frisco Cactus Scratching Post

On sale for $27, this scratching post is a cute addition to any home — especially one that has a bunch of colors, like mine. Not only is it incredibly easy to put together (it took me less than five minutes), but it also stands up against any wear-and-tear that inevitably arises from your furry friend.

Peaky goes up to this post and scratches it all throughout the day. It feels good on his nails and he likes to use it as a stretching board to get a nice and good stretch in. The dangling ball is an incredible addition, too. He bats at it for hours on end entertaining himself and relieving my partner and me from our duty during work calls and meetings.

What’s more, it’s compact. I live in New York City and my apartment is tight as can be. I ended up placing this right next to our side table and kitchen island, and it hardly took up more than one square foot. Oh, and if you need some cute proof about how much your kitty will love this toy, check out Peaky going at it below:

I’d recommend this scratching post to any kitty owner who, like me, wants the best for their furry friend, but also wants a few minutes of peace while they play on their own! Check out some more of the cactus scratching post bundles at Chewy here.

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