‘I earn £180k a month on OnlyFans but it hurt when trolls called me granny

A British OnlyFans model who earns a six-figure income every month has opened up about struggling to cope with nasty comments online after filler injections in her face went wrong.

Bonnie Locket started out as a webcam model, before turning to OnlyFans during lockdown in the need to boost her finances.

The 34 year old has since become hugely popular on the platform, and speaking to the Strike it Big podcast she revealed that she now earns an average of £180,000 a month from selling racy content on the platform.

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However, in the same podcast episode, the model opened up about the dark side of life as an OnlyFans model and admitted that she had struggled with her self-confidence at times.

“I got a lot of stick on TikTok… It was horrible, they were calling me grandma basically, and it really hurt my feelings,” she confessed.

In fact, Bonnie explained that these comments had focused on her unusual appearance after an attempt at plastic surgery had gone wrong.

“I had a situation where the filler in my face had migrated, and it didn’t look good. It did make me look older and I had to go and get it dissolved,” she remembered.

“What kept happening was I was getting it dissolved, and then I was getting it refilled and it kept migrating again, so I actually couldn’t get back to looking how I used to because the filler wouldn’t stop moving.

“It was awful and it’s taken me six or seven months where I’m actually happy and confident in myself.”

Bonnie has had a number of plastic surgeries, including a boob job and a facelift, and she admitted that she found the possibility of changing her appearance “addictive”.

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In fact, this had led to her using a large proportion of her salary on her surgeries, and she admitted: “I spent thousands of pounds trying to sort it out.”

Thankfully, Bonnie was able to overcome these setbacks and after recently revealing that her dad is proud of her work, she stressed that she is starting to become happy with her appearance again.

“I love my life, I really do. I just don’t love it when I don’t feel confident. The last six or seven months I’ve not felt myself at all and it’s been really hard to get that motivation to do content because I really didn’t want to look at myself," she said.

“But actually, I feel confident again and I feel happy and I can’t wait to get up in the morning and do a TikTok, or do this collab, or do this podcast, and I feel like myself again. I love what I do.”


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