I beat cancer in my 20s – now Meghan Markle wears my necklaces’

Since its launch in 1976, the Prince’s Trust charity has helped more than a million young people from disadvantaged communities gain essential life skills and job opportunities. OK! spoke to three woman with inspiring stories who owe their business success to the King.

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Sophie Rogers, 31, from Castle Bromwich, West Midlands, opened a holistic crystal business after a horrifying cancer diagnosis made her dream of a new career. Here, she tells her story…

“I’d just finished uni and was working in my dream job designing baby clothes for a high street fashion retailer when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer aged just 22.

Within a week of the diagnosis I had a radical hysterectomy to remove my ovaries, womb and cervix. This put me straight into the menopause and I also had to have chemo and radiotherapy treatment.

It felt like my life had come to a halt. I didn’t want to leave the house or see friends. I hated that cancer made me look as ill as I felt. It was a dark, scary, negative time.

During the year I was off sick I went to a cancer support centre where I was introduced to holistic therapies including meditation, yoga and crystals. The hospital had cured me physically but I’d been left with a lot of emotional damage. The yoga and meditation classes filled my heart with so much positivity and I began to feel better.

I bought a set of crystals and a simple jewellery kit – I found making my own bracelets and necklaces really calming and relaxing. Friends commented on my jewellery and I made some for them too. Word got around and soon I was selling my jewellery at car boot sales and on eBay.

Though I tried to return to my fashion job, facing cancer had made me reflect on what I wanted to do with my life. Through a friend I came across a young woman around my age who was doing well with her clothing business. She told me she’d been on The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise scheme.

I thought there was no way a charity would just give you money to try out a business, but it was true. I called them and went on the Enterprise scheme, meeting lots of other young would-be entrepreneurs. It was wonderfully inspiring.

Business loan

With a business loan I was able to buy more stock. My mentor was amazing and took me under his wing. The business, High Vibe Alignment, has been going for seven years now. I have my own shop, High Vibe Crystal Cabin, in Tamworth, which is a work studio as well as a shop selling jewellery and ornamental crystals from around the world.

I’ve just signed the lease on two other business properties. One has a yoga studio so I can run classes, having trained to become an instructor. I’ve employed two members of staff to help run the shop, which makes me feel very proud.

I attend lots of Prince’s Trust events now and it’s such an honour to be able to talk to other young people about my experience.

I was even invited to a garden party to celebrate Charles’ 70th birthday. Harry and Meghan were there, attending their first engagement after getting married. I presented Meghan with one of my necklaces and I was thrilled when she accepted it and complimented the necklace I was wearing."

For more information and to check out Sophie's business, visit highvibealignment.com

If you know a young person who needs support, or if you would like to donate to The Prince’s Trust, visit princes-trust.org.uk


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