Hurrah, there's a way to turn the reverse camera off on your phone

Only the asymmetrical know the pain of seeing an inverted selfie.

Those with an iPhone have bemoaned the company for reversing images when you use the phone camera.

So instead of showing us what we’re used to – a mirror image – the camera shows how people see us – which can be pretty unnerving.

But, one tech-savvy TikTokker has shared a useful tip for turning the feature off.

So now you can take selfies and record videos to your heart’s content without the existential crisis of how you really look.

The woman, called Talia, revealed the simple process to stop your camera flipping.

She said: ‘So you know how all of us collectively take all of selfies on Snapchat and Instagram stories because we all look ugly in the Apple camera because it flips our photos.?

‘You can turn that feature off.’

Talia was labelled a ‘lifesaver’ for the hack.

Talia advises her followers: ‘So you have to go into your Apple settings.

‘Scroll down and find your camera settings. Now you’re in your camera settings, go to mirror front camera and turn it on.

‘It’s off by default, it’s so easy to do. And I don’t know how no one talks about this.’

The video was watched more than 1.4 million people.

Viewers were delighted with the tip, rushing to change their settings.

‘On my way to settings,’ said one person.

One person wrote: ‘My selfies are going to be HD now,’ while another said: ‘Talia you’re a lifesaver omg.’

Another quipped: ‘Hold up, she just solved every world crisis ever.’

Some joked that the unflipped picture still made them feel ugly.

‘Not me doing it and still looking ugly,’ said one while another added: ‘Just tried it, nope, I still look clapped’.

While the hack was for iPhone users, there are ways to stop the camera flipping on Androids too, depending on the brand you have.

Here’s a video on how to stop it for Samsung Galaxy S10.

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