How to make your own DIY shoe wall

Fashion lovers will know the stress that comes with storing shoes.

Whether you leave them on the floor or keep them in boxes, shoes are the number one cause of unnecessary clutter in homes.

It’s for this reason that shoe walls have become a popular interiors and storage addition in recent times.

Clean, chic and useful, a shoe wall will help to not only clear mess from floors and wardrobes, but it will keep your shoes safe, too.

Even better, a shoe wall always looks seriously chic. Synonymous with walk-in wardrobes, it adds a sense of luxe to a room.

However, many fear that a shoe wall will set them back a considerable amount of money – but this just isn’t true.

There are a number of ways to create a DIY shoe wall on a budget. And here they are…

IKEA’s Billy Bookcase

The IKEA Billy Bookcase has many uses in the home, but the Metro Lifestyle team can attest that it makes a fantastic shoe wall.

Cheap and easy to assemble, it comes in a range of different sizes so you can make a shoe wall to suit your space needs.

The Billy Bookcase costs £80 and can be bought here.

Hanging shoe display

For something more artistic and fancy to suit high heels, Jenna McArthur’s hanging shoe display is a must. Using old cornice or moulding, the DIY hack is super easy.

According to Jenna you will need 2 x 1m lengths of cornice, moulding or a picture frame, two cans of spray paint (in the colour of your choice) and picture hooks.

First, simply spray paint the moulding until it is bone dry and then hang it from the wall with the picture hooks. If the hanging piece is heavy, add more hooks or strong double-sided tape.

Finally, simple hanging your high heels from the edge of the moulding.

IKEA floating shelves

Another great IKEA find, the brand’s thick floating shelves make fantastic shoe walls.

First, buy as many as you need/want and then start to measure the height of your shoes. This will help determine the space needed between each shelf. Once mounted, you can organise your shoes whichever way you want.

An even easier way to ascertain the measurement between each unit is to use the shelf itself as measurement.

Influencer Erika Fox created the shoe wall above and says she ‘flipped’ the shelves as she added each one.

‘We placed the first shelf on the bottom,’ she explains in a video. ‘Then we flipped this [the second shelf] against the wall and we left that much space between the two.’

Top tip: if you want to add another level of luxe to your shoe wall, place some LED strip lights on the back edge of the shelves to create a backlit effect.

The wall shelves cost £19 each and can be bought here.

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