How to look younger: Hairdresser shares must-have tool for youthful look

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When people talk about anti-ageing, a lot of the discourse surrounds skincare. However, it may actually be your hair that is adding years to your age.

Hair expert Justin Hickox shared which hairstyles women should avoid at all costs if they want to look younger – and his top tips for taking years off.

He explained that as we age, our hair texture can change, becoming more dry and coarse which may translate to frizzy.

Justin’s first tip was to invest in one particular tool for styling, a flat iron.

He stated: “There’s something about a flat iron, the way it delivers heat is different to every other hot tool or tool that we use.

“It’s the only tool that addresses both sides of that hair strand, adding heat evenly to both sides versus one side being much hotter.”

This means that this tool “smooths the cuticle down in a way that no other tool has the ability to”, ensuring sleek and non-frizzy hair.

According to Justin, this means a more “youthful” and “vibrant” appearance instantly.

Another benefit of using a flat iron over a curling iron or round brush is that you have more control of the tool.

While a curling iron or round brush can be used to create volume, the problem is that this volume is concentrated at the ends.

But with a flat iron, women can achieve more of a bend rather than just a limp curl at the bottom, again creating a more voluminous, vibrant look.

“That has a tendency to just flow a lot nicer, no matter what length we’re talking about here, as well as it just looks a bit more modern and chic,” the expert revealed.

But using a flat iron is not good enough in and of itself in the pursuit of anti-ageing, as women must take care to also use it correctly.

Rather than bending the wrist to create a bend at the end of the hair, Justin recommends locking the wrist to create a ‘C’ shape throughout the whole body of the hair.

The expert’s next tip was to invest in some hair products to achieve a more youthful, put-together look.

While some do like to go au natural when it comes to their hair, investing in just a few simple things may do wonders for taking years off your face.

He said: “Sometimes we just need products to things because our hair naturally won’t do it.”

One of the benefits of hair products is that they can create a level of volume we simply do not have ourselves.

Justin explained: “One of the most important things to do when we’re trying to look more youthful is create volume where we want to create volume – or where we need to create volume – to accentuate certain things about our face shape.”

A great hairstyle can “lift things up”, like our cheeks and jaw, avoiding the dreaded sagging and droopy look.

And for those who believe their hair is too thick for products, think again, as thick hair is often heavy enough to look dragged down.

Investing in a volumising spray or serum may make the world of difference when styling.

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