How the British Royal Family Has Changed for the Better Since Queen Elizabeth's Younger Days

Being a member of the royal family is a difficult role to take on. Schedules are pretty much jam-packed on a daily basis, and there is a constant pressure to keep up a certain image. In fact, there are many people who don’t realize that the royals are pretty normal. Most of the time, they live life just like the rest of us.

For instance, we have seen Meghan Markle in jeans on more than one occasion, and Kate Middleton has broken a few rules herself as well. Although the rules and protocol of the royal family are much more relaxed in modern times, this wasn’t always the case.

Many years ago, life was much different for Queen Elizabeth and her family. Fortunately, things have changed, and the royals aren’t viewed as being so “stiff” as they once were. So, how has the royal family changed for the better since Queen Elizabeth’s younger days?

Queen Elizabeth barely saw her children

Most parents couldn’t imagine a life where they hardly ever saw their children. In fact, ask any parent, and they will likely tell you that they make as much time as possible for their kids. Evenings and weekends are typically set aside for family activities, and time spent together is valued.

However, it was a different story for the queen. Queen Elizabeth had a very busy schedule with all of her royal duties, and she only spent 20 minutes a day with her four children: Princes Charles, Andrew, and Edward, and Princess Anne. Further complicating things, those precious 20 minutes were not spent playing and interacting. It was tea time for Queen Elizabeth and her children.

Queen Elizabeth left her children for long periods of time

While it is certainly understandable that children are often left in the care of nannies when their parents are at work or have an occasional night out, the queen’s children were left with caretakers for extended periods of time. She had several nurses and nannies to look after the kids, and during her first royal tour, which lasted for six long months, her two older children were left at home without her. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton are very hands-on with their kids

Fast-forward a few decades, and the members of the royal family seem to have changed for the better. Prince William and Middleton are the parents of three small children: George, Charlotte, and Louis. And while they do have a nanny to care for them when they can’t be there themselves, Prince William and Middleton are extremely hands on. We have seen Middleton walking with her kids in London parks. When Charlotte, and then Louis, was born, Prince William himself took them to the hospital to see their mother and the new baby. Middleton even takes George to school herself, just like all the other moms.  

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are preparing to be modern parents

Although we haven’t seen much of Baby Archie Harrison yet, it is being said that Markle and Prince Harry will only use one nanny in addition to having the help of the baby’s grandmother: Doria Ragland. They are such modern parents, in fact, that they even decided to bring Archie along on their upcoming trip to Africa. Looks like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to bond with their new son as much as possible.

How has the royal family changed for the better?

By becoming more relatable to the public. Gone are the days of nannies doing the majority of the work: the royals insist on doing it themselves whenever they can. They seem like typical parents whenever we see them with their children and the stiffness that once surrounded the royal family members has been replaced by a more modern, refreshing approach to everything.

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