Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Thursday, June 30

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You will show compassion and patience towards someone who is struggling with mental health issues. They appreciate your loving support. If you spot something that would be perfect for a friend, snap it up immediately. You don’t need an excuse to give someone a surprise gift.


Arguments over financial arrangements are putting a strain on a close relationship. You and a housemate have very different ideas on how money should be spent and saved. Getting the advice of a financial advisor will help you push past this problematic phase.


You feel worried and stressed over plans other people seem to welcome with excitement. It may be you just don’t feel ready for the radical change this is likely to bring and you are missing the relevance of this opportunity and what it could mean to your future. Take control of your fears.


Although you draw a strict line between business and pleasure, if a workmate seems a little lonely, ask them out to lunch to get to know them better. It will not be an inconvenience to you to help someone out from behind the scenes when you can see they need it.


Take your time when choosing something special for your home. You will want to think about colours and textures and how they match your interior design scheme, or you might consider changing a room décor altogether. Don’t rush as you want to make the best possible choice.


It will feel good to spend time with people who share your interests. A meeting of minds can maximise the potential of your ideas, enhancing and propelling them into reality. It’s also important to recognise when you need your own space in order to grow plans that are personal to you.


Be firm with a child who needs some time out in order to reflect on the reason why certain behaviours are unacceptable. It would be easier to give in and let them get away with it but this isn’t how they will learn. Sometimes the most critical times are when you have to be cruel to be kind.


It feels good to know there are others who share a desire to fight for a cause you and they believe in. Getting involved in a fundraiser or charitable exercise will be a great way to widen your social circle. Someone in a high position will sing your praises. You deserve this recognition of your skills.


There’s a reason why you are being asked to take on a leading role in an important project. It’s because you are being recognised as the best person for the job. No one will have any objection to this promotion. However, it is time to let your natural leadership abilities shine.


You might jump at the chance to join a new social circle. This will be through the offer of getting involved in a club or team that is starting up in your area. Being in at the start will suit you better than joining a more established unit.


You’ve been working very hard to keep your financial head above water. A bonus or financial gift will come as a welcome surprise. Go ahead and spend this money purely on pleasure like a holiday or luxury item. It’s about time you treated yourself to something special.


Your boss or someone in a high position who is normally patient, will get irritated very quickly. Whatever is causing them to act this way, it would be best to stay out of their way. Steer clear of sensitive subjects or this could lead to an ugly argument.

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