Here's Why Meryl Streep Isn't Nominated for an Emmy for Big Little Lies

Meryl Streep may just be the greatest actress of our time — a title she’s proven her claim to at least 21 times on the big screen (the number of Oscar nominations she has, to date), and four on the small (her Emmy nominations — three of which led to wins). But if you were expecting to see the celebrated 70-year-old grace the stage of the Microsoft Theater on Sept. 22, we have some bad news.

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Streep, who plays Big Little Lies’ deliciously conniving villain in season 2, is ineligible for this year’s Emmy Awards. In fact, every member of the BLL cast and the show itself are all in the same boat.

It’s not for lack of excellence — if you’ve seen Mary Louise scream at the dinner table, you know this woman/show deserves all the awards. Season 2 premiered on June 9, just over a week shy of 2019’s May 31 cut-off. Therefore, the season won’t be eligible for Emmy consideration until 2020. Considering that BLL was nominated for 16 Emmys in 2017 (half of which they won), we’re betting the show’s stats will be equally impressive next year.

Since it’s been stressed that there will not be a third season (though tbh that’s what they said about this season), it’s kind of nice that we’ll get to see all the BLL gals together again in a little over a year from now.

But don’t get us wrong, if Meryl doesn’t walk away with a flying golden lady (that’s what the statue is, right?), well …

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