Here's What Would Happen If Kate Middleton Divorced Prince William

Prince William’s seemingly perfect marriage to Kate Middleton was rocked a few months ago when rumors surfaced of his affair with Rose Hanbury. William’s alleged mistress is a friend of the family and lives only a few miles away from their country estate. The affair rumors surfaced after Middleton reportedly ended her longtime friendship with Hanbury earlier this year.

The royal family has yet to comment on the scandal, yet the reports sparked talk of a possible divorce. This would not be the first time the royal family has experienced a divorce. William’s father and mother, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, got a divorce after she outed him for cheating. So what would happen if Middleton decided to kick William to the curb and get a divorce?

Kate Middleton would get a new home

To say that Middleton and William’s divorce would be a messyaffair is an understatement. There are a lot of things to consider in the eventthat they separate. For starters, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share threechildren.

Even if they shared custody, Middleton would not be allowed to take Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis out of the country without approval from the royal family. Because of this rule, there is a good chance that the royals would purchase an apartment or house for Middleton and the children inside the U.K. This is exactly what happened when Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced.

Prince William would support Kate Middleton financially

Living arrangements aside, William would likely provideMiddleton with financial stability for the rest of her life. Exactly how muchMiddleton would receive from William would depend on how long they are married,but it would not be a small sum.

 When they divorced inthe 1990s, for example, Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a large chunk ofmoney. It is not known how much Diana received, but it was not insignificant. KateMiddleton would not have access to the wealth she currently enjoys, but shedefinitely would not be in need of money.

Middleton would get a new title

Middleton’s current title is the Duchess of Cambridge. Once Charles becomes the King, Kate Middleton will gain the title of Princess of Wales, followed by Queen Consort once William takes the throne. But none of these titles will be available to her in the event that she and William split. Instead, Middleton will lose her ranking within the royal family, though it is possible that she keeps some of her royal titles.

When Princess Diana divorced Charles, Queen Elizabeth allowedDiana to keep her title as Princess. She could do the same to Middleton if theygot a divorce, though it really depends on how she wants to handle thesituation. Whatever happens, Queen Elizabeth would be dragged into the divorceand forced to make some important decisions. This would, of course, depend onwhen Middleton and William got divorced.

Prince William and Kate Middleton would be free to remarry

When it comes to remarrying, things get a little tricky forWilliam and Middleton. The two would obviously be free to marry whomever theychoose in the event of a divorce, but they would not be able to tie the knotunder the authority of the Church of England.

More than likely, the two would be stripped of theiroriginal titles of marriage and tie the knot outside of the Church of England.After all, Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Church of England and it would bevery awkward for her to bless another union.

If Middleton and William decided to split, their lives would obviously change forever. William would still be in line to the throne and is destined to forever be in the spotlight. While Middleton would no longer be a part of the royal family, she would not escape media attention. If anything, there would be more of a spotlight on her life, especially if she ever got romantic with someone else and chose to remarry.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have not commented on theRose Hanbury rumors and likely will avoid them at all costs.

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