Heres How Harrison Ford Amassed His $230 Million Fortune

Harrison Ford hasn’t had an easy beginning in the movie industry during the late 60s. His first starring role came in the 1966 movie Dead Heat On A Merry-Go-Round, which disappointed the producers. Due to his less-than-successful career, Ford worked as a part-time carpenter while scouting for movie parts. His big role came when George Lucas cast him in 1973’s American Graffiti. He later worked small roles in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation and Apocalypse Now. His breakthrough occurred when he starred in George Lucas’ Star Wars: A New Hope, and the rest is cinema history. His classic role led him to another, which was followed by another, and Ford ultimately became one of the most legendary actors in the industry.

From starring in hit franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones to taking on famous roles in solo movies, Harrison Ford has made millions from his movies. His net worth currently stands at $230 million, given that he has collectible real estate properties and aviation planes in his portfolio. Let’s take a look at how Harrison Ford’s fortune rakes up to $230 million.

Earnings From Star Wars


Harrison Ford’s Star Wars character Han Solo has become one of the most iconic characters in cinema history. Starring in a hit franchise earned Harrison quite a sizable fortune. Ford first starred in the original Star Wars film called A New Hope, for which he was only paid $10,000 in 1977, which would be $40,000 currently, as noted by The Things. For Empire Strikes Back, Ford earned $100,000, which would be $400,000 in the present day. Following that, The Return Of The Jedi saw Ford earning five times more than his salary pay cut for the first movie, a whopping $500,000. His biggest paycheck came from the hit 2015 sequel The Force Awakens, which earned him $25 million, which consisted of $15 million in salary and 1% of box office earnings.

Earnings From Indiana Jones

Ford has had the privilege of working in not one but two iconic franchises, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. For his role as the lead Indiana Jones, Ford was reportedly paid $5.9 million to star in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, which earned $367 million around the world. The second installment observed a dip in his salary to $4.5 million for Temple Of Doom and a hike to $4.9 million for The Last Crusade. His hefty paycheck came after he went into semi-retirement, and Paramount convinced him to reprise his iconic role for Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. According to Everything What, Ford was paid $65 million, which included a large percentage of the movie’s earnings.

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Other Notable Movies

Ford had earned a premium status in the industry due to his starring roles in famous franchises. He was paid between $10 to $12 million per movie during the 90s. He was paid $9 million for Patriot Games in 1992, and Jack Ryan’s sequel Clear And Present earned him $10 million. He earned an astonishing $20 million for The Devil’s Own, which he also gained from starring in Six Days Seven Nights, Air Force One, What Lies Beneath, and Random Hearts. For the 2002 war thriller K-19 The Widowmaker, Ford was paid $25 million and 20% of the movie’s gross profit, as stated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Earnings From Real Estate

Harrison Ford has made a lot of investments in his early life as well as in the later years. He purchased a Brentwood home in 1983 for $1 million, and he sold the estate for $8.2 million in 2012. His primary residence in LA was another Brentwood home which he purchased for $12 million along with his wife. He owns three additional properties in LA. He also purchased a $5.3 million penthouse in New York in 2001. His biggest purchase is near the town of Jackson, Wyoming, where he owns an 800-acre ranch house along the Snake River.

Apart from owning lavish homes, Ford took things a step further when he purchased a Cessna Citation Sovereign 680 in 2009, which has a 3,200 nautical mile range and requires two pilots in the cockpit. As mentioned by GQ, the twin-engine jet reportedly cost $18.8 million. Ford is also a trained helicopter pilot, and he bought a Bell 407GX helicopter for $3 million in 2013. He is known to rescue stranded hikers and climbers in Wyoming through his rescue service. He has always been a fan of aviation and brought his passion to fruition with several aircraft purchases.

His lavish lifestyle also includes a collection of vintage cars, which includes the Jaguar XK140 and the 1993 classic bike Triumph Daytona 1200. From big paychecks for his acting chops to real estate investments, Ford has had a sprawling influx of cash over the years. His acting roles go beyond his movies, and his legacy will always remain as iconic as his personality. Harrison Ford is set to star in the fifth installment of Indiana Jones, which will hit the theatres in July 2022.

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