Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Week Is Here

What’s happening: This weekend there are some back-to-back, majorly important transits. Tonight, the Sun and fiery Mars meet up, starting a new two-year long cycle based around what makes you feel motivated and driven. This helps you to pursue new goals, like personal projects, jobs, or relationships.

On Saturday, Mercury (which is still retrograde) bumps into Mars, making you feel more bold, confident, and maybe just a little bit assertive—or aggressive. More importantly though, there’s a cazimi Mercury on Saturday. This is the halfway point of Mercury Retrograde, and it’s giving you a weekend that doesn’t feel very wonky or retrograde-y at all! In fact, you’re probs coming to a few major realizations about the problems you’ve been facing over the past few weeks.

On Monday, Mercury and Uranus form a quincunx, creating a rather volatile atmosphere. Expect unexpected news and shocking conversations. Make sure you listen closely—you might be able to turn this new information into something that’ll seriously improve your life.

Finally, this week is wrapped up with a lovely, but somewhat serious transit called Venus sextile Saturn, which is all about finding opportunities to solidify and secure your relationships.

What that means for you:


This is an action-packed weekend for you, Aries! If you’re single, there’s a ton of potent astro-weather accelerating your sex drive and filling you with the confidence it takes to shoot your shot. And if you’re happily boo’d up, there’s a lot of great sex coming your way. But after your happy weekend, the week is bringing up some problems in your love life that really need to be addressed. Don’t fight it out, but simply talk things through. Remember to listen, and you’ll be a-okay, bb.


You’re getting a big wake-up call from the stars this week. At your best, you’re determined and hard-working enough to see things through to the end, but at your worst, your levels of passive-aggressiveness are, um, intense. There are some tough convos coming up between you and your boo, and you have to open up to new ideas, listen, and even (gasp!) change your mind. Staying stuck in your ways just to feel like you’re “right”—or even worse, being stubborn just to avoid looking like you’re wrong—is a surefire way to find loads of unnecessary drama. Be careful!


Here’s the good news: You’re absolutely having a kick-ass time in bed this weekend. Here’s the bad news: Someone from your past is really trying to shit on your parade. It’s Libra season, which is all about finding balance in your life, but that’s way easier said than done. Enjoy the action, but remember you have to actually deal with the problematic behavior from your ex-flame, too. Whether you end things on good terms or have a big fight, at the end of the day you’ll have a much greater understanding of how relationships work.


There’s not a ton happening with your love life this week, Cancer, but there is one topic laying heavy on your mind right now. You really prioritize relationships that have depth. Relationships in which you can emotionally connect with the other person. Relationships with people you have a history with. But here’s the thing, Cancer: Relationships come and go. You can’t take things slow 100% of the time. Right now, you’re being encouraged to live in the moment, reach out to new people, and let yourself be satisfied with hookups, dates, or other “superficial” experiences. Just because someone’s not the LOYL doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them, and the stars are asking you to do exactly that right now—have fun!


Your phone? Off the hook. Your Tinder matches? In the triple digits. Your DMs? Stuffed full. This is a b u s y week, Leo, but not because you’re swamped with work—you’re just staying busy talking, texting, DMing, and meeting people! If you’re single, this is a great time to cast a wide net and see how many hotties you can reel in. They’re not all gonna be a perfect match, sure, but the Venus/Saturn sextile at the end of the week is suggesting that perhaps one of them will be amazing. This could be the start of something new!


This isn’t much of an action-packed week for you, unfortunately. Instead, you’re focusing a ton on yourself and how you contribute to your relationships. You’re extremely hard on yourself, Virgo, but blaming yourself for anything not perfect in your love life is absolutely not the move this week, bb. Focus on what does work for your love life—your generosity, the way you love to help others, how great you are at pleasing your partner in bed—and work on cultivating those skills. Then you can figure out how to improve upon the more problematic parts of your love life.


You’re being challenged to shed your stereotypical superficial Libra ways this weekend. You’re the sign of relationships, and you pride yourself in your ability to create great social interactions with others. But you also have a habit of “phoning it in” and switching up your behaviors, mannerisms, and maybe even ideas and opinions so you can perfectly connect with your partner. Stop. You don’t have to change to make others happy—in fact, that’ll eventually take a huge toll on your relationship—and this week you’re being urged to just be yourself. Flirt, have fun, hook up, do your thing, but make sure you’re bringing your whole self to the interaction!


Libra season is pretty bad about bringing exes back into your life. So is Mercury Retrograde. So is all the astro-weather popping off this week. That means your ex is almost certainly getting back in touch with you soon! You’re reeeaaaally emotional, and it’s likely that seeing this ex-flame could trigger some not-so-great feelings, but it’s important that you stick it out and deal with the problems as quickly and precisely as possible. This ex still has some level of control over your love life until you deal with them. You’ll be amazed at how free you feel and how much your future relationships will improve—but first you gotta rip off the Band-Aid and tell ’em to hit the road.


How does a FWB situationship sound? If you’re crushing on someone from your squad, it’s likely that they feel the same way, so this weekend’s perf for shooting your shot! Here’s the thing, though—it’s Mercury Retrograde, which is notorious for causing big miscommunications, so it’s absolutely critical that you’re open with them about your intentions from the jump. If you’re looking to just hook up, tell ‘em. If you’re looking for love, tell ‘em! And encourage them to be open and honest, too. This could be a real fun weekend, but if you’re not 100% clear with your partner, tons of unnecessary drama could come your way.


You’re feeling a ton of energy and confidence this weekend, Capricorn, which is perf for asking someone out or trying something new with your boo. Here’s the thing, though—you risk coming off as extra. Like, really extra. If your crush isn’t interested, accept that and move on. If your partner’s not into trying out new toys/positions/whatever, don’t keep pushing the issue. This week is a lesson on boundaries, both establishing healthy ones and respecting those set by others. It’s not easy, but it’s going to help you improve your love life.


This week’s an especially exciting one for all of the single Aquarians out there! Whether it’s via DM, text, or face-to-face conversations, this astro-weather is helping you reach out to new people and make great connections. You could even meet a potential new lover who’s sooooo not your usual type, but seems irresistible! Also—how do you feel about long-distance relationships? There’s major potential for someone who lives far away (or someone from a far-off place) connecting with you this week.


This is another week of you being deeeeep in your feels, bb. Not in a bad way, necessarily—in fact, this could be a romantic, lovely, intimate week! But it all depends on how you work with this week’s astro-weather. If deep, erotic connections aren’t really your thing, I’d avoid hookups because catching feelings for your fling is p much guaranteed. But if you have a special someone that you can be romantic, sweet, and intimate with, this is an amazing week for relationship-building experiences, both in and out of bed!

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