Fortnum and Mason slammed for selling 'hipster' vegan crisps for £25

A POSH department store is selling vegan crisps for £25 — sparking a ready salty response from punters.

Fortnum & Mason says the 500g tin of patatas ­fritas – Spanish for crisps – is the “perfect snack”.

But cheesed-off customers point out a 600g multipack of Walkers — with 24 bags — costs just £3.50 elsewhere.

Touting the £24.95 tin on its website, Fortnum & Mason said: “Produced in Spain for over 80 years, these delicious crisps are the perfect afternoon snack to share or keep all to yourself.

"Enjoy alongside delicious, seasonal dips such as salsa and hummus.”

Ben Scott, 35, a musician from East London, said: “£25? Is Gary Lineker hand-cooking them for me? I go to a Spain a lot. They hand a bowl of these out for free at most bars.”

Another crisps fan raged: “Who is this for? Hipsters who want their soup served on a carving plate ‘paired’ with a slotted spoon?”

The Bonilla a la Vista container was also likened to a tin of paint.

Items bought with it include a £5.95 170g jar of peanut butter, according to F&M.

Do me a flavour

AS Fortnum & Mason said, they would be lovely with hummus or salsa.

So are normal crisps.

They have the very faintest flavour of salt.

It reminded me of the cheap crisps my grandad bought from the market when I was a kid.

No gracias from me.

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