Flaming Grill pubs giving free food to fans who dress up like cowboy or cowgirl

Flaming Grill pubs are preparing to launch a new breakfast menu across the country.

To celebrate the tasty options, a limited number of the chain is offering customers the chance to grab a breakfast on the house.

But there's just one thing you'll have to do.

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So if you're willing to turn up to your local grill dressed as a Texan cowboy or cowgirl, then you've bagged yourself free food.

You'll also have to greet the team with a "howdy!"

Taking place across from July 15-17, the Flaming Grill chains will be hosting the one-off event across 30 of its UK sites.

Customers will receive a Wild West inspired Texan Beef Tater Tots or Texan Tater Tots for their efforts.

The new breakfast menu is on offer for a limited time only and features six new mouth-watering dishes.

There's even the Pan-chos, which is buttermilk pancakes with chopped banana and strawberries topped with a chocolate sauce.

It also features a maple flavour syrup and Greek-style yoghurt, now doesn't that make you lick your lips?

Punters can enjoy the atmosphere of their local Flaming Grill while enjoying a breakfast of champions.

Those who aren't up to the challenge, fear not, you can still get stuck into the delicious breakfast as it's available until September 1.

Andrew Gallagher, Marketing Director at Flaming Grill Pubs, said: "Our Flaming Grill sites are not your average pubs; they're somewhere that family and friends come for great quality food, great value and lots of fun.

"From our famous challenge dishes to everyday deals, there's something for everyone. What better way to celebrate our new menu than challenging our guests to take inspiration from the cowboy capital of the world and dress up to enjoy a taste of Texas?

"We can't wait to see their costumes and treat them to a free breakfast for their efforts!"

To find your nearest participating Flaming Grill pub, visit the Greene King website.

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