Fisherman calmly drags a live shark by its tail

Forget running screaming from the sea — this brave fisherman calmly dragged a large shark by the tail.

Wild video shows the unidentified fisherman slowly pulling the live shark — looking almost as long as he is tall — back into the water after he caught it in Martha’s Vineyard on Friday.

“Ya, sooooooo this happened yesterday! 15 feet from where we were sitting,” Travers Peterson said in the video he posted on Facebook, writing “savage!” on the clip.

The video shows the fisherman, in red shorts and pink shirt, calmly pulling the shark by the tail, clearly not worried as it swung around opening its mouth.

Proving how nonchalant he was, the fisherman then pauses to wash his hands in the water rather than running straight out as the beats swam off.

“This style of fishing separates the men from the boys!” Peterson joked alongside the video.

Peterson and his friend Lee Pasqualucci told local media that it took the fisherman about 40 minutes to reel in the shark wafter catching it on the island’s Wasque beach.

“I was expecting something small, like a 2-foot or maybe 3-foot dog shark, ” Pasqualucci told the Boston Globe.

“What he pulled out was over 150 pounds and 6 feet tall, at least that’s what it looked to me – it was a solid size.

“It was like the size of the guy.”

The man cut the hook out of the shark, dragged him back into the water and “washed his hands off like it was just another day.”

“I said ‘Congratulations.’ He had an ear-to-ear smile and kind of shook it off,” Pasqualucci said.

Peterson told WHDH, “It definitely separates the boys from the men, totally.”

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