First day of Advent 2021: When does Advent start this year?

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Advent isn’t just one day of the year – it’s a season of the liturgical year observed in most Christian denominations. It’s a period of waiting and preparation for Christmas that can last between 22 and 28 days. While advent calendars are mostly made to be opened from December 1 every day until Christmas, the first day of advent changes every year. When does Advent start this year?

Advent, which means ‘coming’ in Latin, isn’t just about eating chocolate every morning, it’s the Christian period of waiting for Christmas.

Historically and to this day, Christians are meant to use the four Sundays and weeks before advent to get ready for the big day and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

The actual start date of Advent varies from year to year, so it can be hard to remember when the period begins.

People often wrongly assume advent starts on December 1 just because that’s when you can open your Advent calendar.

Advent only starts on December 1 when Christmas Day is on a Wednesday (which happened in 2019).

This year, Christmas Day is on a Saturday.

When does Advent start this year?

The first day of Advent is always on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day.

Advent Sunday can be as early as November 27 (which it was in 2016) to December 3 (which it was in 2017).

This year, Advent starts on Sunday, November 28 and ends on Friday, December 24.

Why do we celebrate advent?

Even Christians get blindsided by the presents and celebrations that come with Christmas.

The Advent period is a time period where Christians are supposed to remember the real meaning of Christmas and prepare for those celebrations.

The word Christmas comes from ‘Christ’, and the day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Many Advent customs involve counting down the days until Christmas, but the church has its own religious traditions.

For example, some churches use Advent wreaths with five candles and light one of the four on the outside every Sunday in the leadup to Christmas Day – the final candle is lit on Christmas Day itself.

There are also different readings to be read by members of the church every single Sunday at mass.

You’ll also spot the colour purple being used throughout the church, on the priest’s clothing, the tabernacle and on the hangings around the church.

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