Feel the Heat! Taco Bell Debuts Spiciest Nacho Fry Variety Yet

Taco Bell is stepping up its Nacho Fry game! The fast-food chain, which is known for, among other things, its flavorful takes on the classic American comfort food, revealed earlier this month that it is currently testing several new fry-related menu items in various markets across the country.

While Nacho Fries are still available nationwide for a limited time, the California-based company continues to elevate the fries game with a quartet of offerings that will be around for a limited time.

For example, in Memphis, Tennessee, Taco Bell is trying out a dish known as Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries. This tangy twist on the popular menu item features seasoned potato slices that have been topped with shredded chicken, buffalo sauce, nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo.

As tasty as those flavorful Nacho Fries sound, they don’t hold a candle to what is likely Taco Bell’s spiciest dish yet – the Steak Reaper Ranch Fries. These eats, which are currently available nationwide, use the world’s hottest pepper and combine it with zesty ranch dressing to create what the chain describes as a “craveable” sauce with a mouthwatering kick. The spicy marinade is then used to top seasoned fries, which are also served with marinated steak, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream and tomatoes.

Scroll down to learn more about Taco Bell’s growing Nacho Fry lineup and where you can find these limited-edition menu items!

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