Fast food chain creates 24ct Gold Burger thats the same price as Salt Baes

A fast food chain has decided to cash-in on Salt Bae's hype by creating a '24ct Gold Burger'.

Dope Burger currently has branches in Hull and Leeds, with another in Doncaster due to open soon.

The fast food chain shared a video of its new creation on social media, using the hashtag #chipspicebae.

The burger has a bun covered in gold leaf and costs £100 – the same price as the one sold in Salt Bae, a.k.a. Nusret Gökçe's restaurant Nusr-Et.

In the video, a chef wearing sunglasses is seen slicing through the burger with a giant knife, before showing the food to the camera with the same theatrical flair as Salt Bae.

He even sprinkles some seasoning down his arm and onto the meat in a similar manner to the Turkish restaurateur in the video, which can be seen on LabBible.

Dope Burger – which specialises in 'gourmet burgers, hot dogs and fries' – shared the video and pictures online as many commented on the new item.

Someone joked: "Only 100 pound I'll have 2."

While another added: "Take the gold s**t off and I'll have it!"

A third asked: "So is it just a normal burger with gold leaf on the bun??…. What makes it worth £100….am I missing something?"

Another said the chain was probably just taking the mickey out of Salt Bae, saying: "I'm pretty sure it's a joke."

The restaurant claims the burger has now sold out, though it's unclear if it ever went on sale or was just a cheeky dig at Salt Bae to gain some publicity.

'Meme chef' Salt Bae has been hitting headlines recently due to the prices at his outrageously expensive restaurant Nusr-Et in London – where a gold-covered steak costs £630.

However, as well as his prices, his voice has also created a stir as he shared a new video.

Many fans were shocked at his voice as they heard it for the first time in the clip.

In the video, he was heard gushing to fans about how much he loves London.

The video came after the restauranteur recently announced he was leaving the city to open another restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

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