‘Fashion Avengers’ Are the Latest Star-Filled Social Media Push for Sustainability

Brands, media and influencers are taking on new posts as “Fashion Avengers” for a campaign that professes to change the world one outfit at a time.

The campaign launched Thursday by Project Everyone, a nonprofit communications company that supports efforts connecting people and organizations with the U.N.’s Global Goals. While fashion brands have increasingly prioritized sustainability in the past year — interaction with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, has been lagging compared to other industries according to organizers.

Fashion is even guilty of “SDG-washing” of goals which include gender equality, responsible consumption and production and climate action.

To combat this, Burberry, Bottletop, Pangaia, Rankin, Marie-Claire, Forward PMX, Vanish, Pour Les Femmes and With Love Darling are teaming up and partnering as Fashion Avengers for the first year.

“The Fashion Avengers will advocate for and drive action toward the Global Goals both internally through embedding the Goals in their business strategy, engaging employees, boards, etc. and externally (consumer/customer networks, partners, etc.),” said Gail Gallie, cofounder of Project Everyone.

The British Fashion Council and the Council of Fashion Designers of America also supported the campaign.

Brand partners have the option to “renew” their participation on a yearly basis which is similar to another campaign called “Business Avengers” that has been running since 2019. Noting that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, Gallie said Project Everyone works with each partner in a “bespoke way” so the collective group efforts are more impactful industry-wide.

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To help carry the social campaign to viral heights, the team tapped talent like supermodel Arizona Muse, actresses Jaime Winstone and Danielle Galligan as well as a slate of creatives like artist Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah, beauty influencer Ola Awosika and non-binary performer Virgin X.

Speaking to the potential unlocked by reusing material, Winstone said “designers have a responsibility in this new woke world to experiment with materials that already exist.”

Wearing her grandmother’s blouse in the launch lookbook, Galligan (who stars in Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone”) said, “I think the fashion industry needs to remind people of the power that they hold. It needs to encourage them to take control as consumers, to not just buy what we’re told but start dictating what it is we want to buy. Fashion is constantly changing, and it’s time for it to start changing on our terms. We need to stop following trends and start setting them, ensuring that these trends are for a better world.”

The campaign is said to run until 2030 with the hope to further the Global Goals within fashion. The aim is to also debunk some of the myths about sustainable fashion.

Anyone can become a Fashion Avenger, as the campaign reiterates, by adapting, upcycling and converting clothing, borrowing and swapping outfits from one’s network, buying secondhand and responsibly made clothing and spreading the word by posting on social media with #FashionAvenger.

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