Eric André addresses Emily Ratajkowski romance, explains nude pics

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Eric André may choose not to “kiss and tell” — but he did share the story behind his and Emily Ratajkowski’s viral nude photos.

When asked about the Valentine’s Day snap in a Rolling Stone interview published Tuesday, the comedian called it “iconic.”

He recalled, “I was really in the moment .. drinking wine, and she started dying laughing, and she was like, ‘I have to take a picture of this.’

“We both started cracking up,” the “Eric Andre Show” host, 39, continued. “We both agreed this was a beautiful image that we had to share with the world.”

The actor clarified that there “wasn’t much thought” behind the “iconic” image of himself lounging naked with a drink with the nude 31-year-old model visible in the mirror behind him.

“It was one of those things,” André explained. “I think that’s what art is about. Art is not intellectual; it’s primal. It has to speak to your hormones as much as it speaks to your mind.”

He went on to praise the shot’s “spontaneity,” calling it a “happy accident.”

André and the “iCarly” alum were photographed on many New York City dates — and a tropical vacation — over the course of one month before Ratajkowski hinted about the end of their “situationship” in a February TikTok video.

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In the cryptic social media upload, the “High Low” podcast host wrote that she should “start another one.”

When asked about the public’s reaction to his short-lived romance with the actress, André called himself “ugly.”

The “Man Seeking Woman” alum compared himself to Colin Jost and John Mulaney, who are in relationships with Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Munn, respectively.

“How could this happen?” he asked sarcastically. “I think that people think attraction is only based on physical appearance, but beauty is only skin-deep.”

André joked, “You’d think comedy works.”

Later in the interview, the Adult Swim personality praised Ratajkowski for her “grace” in handling the paparazzi as they dated in the public eye.

He admitted he felt “concerned for her safety,” adding, “It’s legalized stalking. There’s a darkness to it. … She has the right to her privacy.”

Ratajkowski slammed the paps herself while going out with André, Jack Greer, DJ Orazio Rispo and more men, as it “screwed up” her casual dating dynamic.

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