Eagle-eyed players baffled by optical illusion as it hides secret number in snap

Optical illusions can be quite mind-boggling at times.

These images could sometimes make you see something else – even when it's not there.

And now the bingo experts at Jackpotjoy have revealed another tricky illusion to keep you going.

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If you think you're good at cracking codes, see if you can find the secret number lurking in this image.

The hidden number, which is made up of two digits, isn't that easy to spot.

But you could prove us wrong… So on that note, let us know how you get on in the comments below!

According to Jackpotjoy, only a third of people can spot the hidden number.

If you're still struggling, those who spotted the number "20" are correct so well done!

Alex Fagelson, Head of Brand at Jackpotjoy, said: "We're celebrating a big birthday here, and it's the number hidden in these images.

"Another hint to crack these tricky illusions is to zoom out or make the images smaller."

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Alex said the secret number will be revealed once you've zoomed in as he added: "Good luck to everyone."

Looking for more optical illusions?

On another occasion, a mind-bending optical illusion baffled as it makes "brickwork" in the wall look wonky.

The illusion is inspired by the renowned café wall illusion, which has not been fully explained to this day.

You could also see if you can find the cat in this illusion as it means you have a top IQ.

The furry animal managed to baffle social media users who are trying to find the direction it's travelling in.

It shows the feline pacing on a grey flight of stairs.

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