Dry January: Best non-alcoholic drink 0.0% equivalents that taste just like the real thing

If you’ve given up alcohol for January, you'll soon know it can be near impossible to know what to drink instead, and there are only so many sugary pints of coke or elderflower cordial than an adult can take.

So we were keen to provide a definitive list of non-alcoholic drink alternatives for anyone feeling sober curious and taking a month off the booze.

These alcohol-free options promise all the taste of the real thing, minus the hangover so that you can have that picture-perfect cocktail moment without any of the guilt.

From gin and rum to beer and wine, there really is a great alternative whatever your tipple.

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1. If you love Rose, try Jukes cordials

For a refreshing rose fix made using swish some Jukes cordial health-boosting apple cider vinegar and created by wine expert Matthew Jukes with some ice and soda.

The latest 8 mix also comes with a gorgeous limited edition box design in collaboration with fashion designer Matthew Williamson.

Jukes 8, £30 for nine

2. If you love Kopperberg mixed fruit cider, try Drynks Smashed Berry fruit cider

This is the closest match we managed to find to the real deal, so it’s no surprise that it impressed Peter Jones on Dragon’s Den, who called the drinks company ‘remarkable’.

Each can contain less than 100 calories and served over ice tastes just as ‘refreshing AF’ as the label promises.

The cider is gently dealcoholized, so it really does retains the full flavour of a traditional cider.

The lager is also by far the best non-alcoholic beer around and tastes exactly like typical lager and is less than 80 calories a can.

Drynks is available from Sainsbury at £1.99 per can.

3. If you like gin, try Clean Co rhubarb botanical spirit

Clean Co’s founder is Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews who has been sober since 2018 and says: “No one ever wakes up saying I wish I’d drunk more last night.”

The taste is like a very grown-up rhubarb crumble, which is perfect served over ice with tonic.

Equally, the delicate fruity flavour makes it a strong enough contender to be served on its own.

CleanCo botanical spirit is available at Sainsbury for £16.

4. If you like spiced dark rum, try Caleno Dark & Spicy

Caleño was founded by Ellie Webb, who says she is a mission to change perceptions of not drinking alcohol.

We think its mission accomplished, and the convincingly sophisticated Caleno bottle wouldn’t look out of place on any bar.

The taste reminded us of a Fruit Salad sweet with a spicy twist, and you can really taste the pineapple. Serve with Coca Cola for a hit of zing.

Caleno recently also added a gin alternative called Light & Zesty, which is also available in a convenient ready mixed can.

Caleno Dark & Spicy is available at Sainsbury and is £18 for 50cl, £12 for 20cl.

5. If you like vodka, try Pentire

Firstly, the Pentire bottle is so chic you’d mistake it for a bottle of premium Grey Goose.

It’s packed full of distilled botanicals created from a complex blend of rock samphire, sage, Pentire plant blend, citrus and Cornish sea salt giving a distinct herbal kick and a taste like a deep breath of sea air.

It’s best served over ice with soda and a slice of lime.

It’s as good as calorie-free and just 4 calories per 100ml and a great sugar-free option if you are trying to limit this.

The only qualm we had was the price tag which seems steep considering you could buy a heavily taxed alcohol equivalent for the same amount.

Petire 70cl is available on Amazon for £26.80

6. If you like red wine, try Nine Elms no18

Nine Elms came packaged in a beautiful box that felt a real treat to unpack and is topped with a cork that feels like your usual bottle of red.

This would make a perfect gift for a former red wine lover and is the least sugary wine alternative we’ve managed to find. It’s not got the same depth of flavour, but it’s certainly a close second. A glass of this is also great with a steak, and Nine Elms features on the wine lists at some of London's best restaurants.

Plus, come summer, a bottle of Nine Elms can also be transformed into a jug of Sangria on a sunny day.

Nine Elms No18 is available via Amazon for £18.99.

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