Drunk British Air flight attendants ran naked through Singapore hotel: report

A trio of British Airways flight attendants ran drunk and naked through a Singapore hotel during a layover “orgy,” a UK paper alleges — and now they face losing their jobs.

“There were some frisky crew on this plane,” insiders told The Sun.

“There was snogging and stripping and fumbling between the crew, who were all naked.”

Ready to party after a 14-hour flight from the UK, the trio and their crewmates had smuggled cabin booze off the airplane so they wouldn’t have to pay sky-high Singapore prices for alcohol, a spy told the paper.

Once at their hotel, “It didn’t take long for ‘spin the bottle’ to start,” the spy said.

“It’s a drinking game with ludicrous and increasingly daring forfeits designed to get everyone steaming drunk.”

The three called-out crewmates, a woman and two men, were suspended and face possible firing after a supervisor reported them for allegedly running through the hotel without their clothing on a dare.

They romped down a corridor, banging on the doors of other guests, The Sun said.

The expose includes a video clip showing a woman in what appears to be a British Airways uniform exposing her cleavage.

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