Dorit Kemsley Reveals What She Would’ve Said To Lisa Vanderpump At ‘RHOBH’ Reunion

Dorit Kemsley has one question for Lisa Vanderpump: why? The RHOBH star revealed  on WHHL how she would’ve hashed it out with Lisa at the reunion, and her answer is honestly perfect.

Dorit Kemsley got real on Watch What Happens Live! about the Lisa Vanderpump drama this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her absence on the show’s dramatic reunion special. The Bravo star was asked by a caller on the July 16 episode of Andy Cohen‘s talk show what she would have said if she could have seen LVP face-to-face at the reunion. Just don’t expect anything explosive from her.  “It’s just a loaded question, because there would be so much that I would want to say,” Dorit said. “But really, I would just ask her — why? Why? Why did it have to get as far as it got? Why? Because it really didn’t have to.” The show’s second guest, The Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer, chimed in with, “Why couldn’t she just get past it all? Like, move on.”

Yes, this drama is transcending Real Housewives franchises! Dorit also revealed that the situation with Lisa, who quit RHOBH shortly before the reunion, has affected her husband PK‘s friendship with Lisa’s husband, Ken Vanderpump. “Yeah, [their friendship] is inexistent,” Dorit said. I never say done, but I will say that right now, they’re not speaking. But, I will say that [PK] did reach out. We sent flowers when [Lisa’s] mother passed away, and he sent a text message to Lisa.” She added that she believes it’s “always possible” to make up with Lisa and repair their friendships.

During the first night of the reunion special, the RHOBH wasted no time shading LVP for what happened during this season. Everyone’s feuding with the SUR owner after Puppygate — when Dorit adopted a puppy from Lisa’s animal foundation and rehomed it. The puppy, named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice (yes, really), wound up at the pound. Lisa later found out, and went off. The rest of the ladies took sides, with most going against Lisa, including her dear friend, Kyle Richards. After nine seasons, Lisa has bounced. At the reunion, the ladies expressed that they felt Lisa leaked a story about it to the press, and they want her to apologize. No dice.

“None of the RHOBH cast feel guilty for anything they said about Lisa at all this season. They feel they all spoke their truth and that Lisa should apologize to them,” a source close to the show told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But honestly, to this day, if she said sorry, they’d forgive her and move on.”

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