Doctor writes notes on mans body after check-up to put wifes mind at rest

A woman was pleased with her dermatologist's response after she sent her husband to get his moles checked.

Brinlee Miles, from Utah in US, noticed several red and black dots on her husband's chest and back and was concerned they were cancerous.

So to get a better idea of what they could be, and see if they pose any risk to her partner's health, she circled the moles with pen markings.

"This is how I sent my husband to the dermatologist," she said in a TikTok video.

And after a visit in the clinic, her husband came back and showed her of what the expert did during the test.

The dermatologist left her remarks right next to each circled mole – some of them are noted as "good" and some covered in a bandage with a note saying "took to test".

Her husband also handed her a piece of paper detailing how to take care of the wounds.

He was also given a specific type of cream needed for cleaning and healing.

The couple was told that the test would take seven to 10 days.

Viewers praised Brinlee for having a keen eye for spotting the moles for her spouse.

"I swear this is why married men live longer," one said.

And a second wrote: "I love how he came bouncing through the door like a second grader with a note from the teacher."

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A third commented: "As a person who lost my husband to melanoma, thank you getting skin checks."

Others said the dermatologist did a very good job in passing the initial diagnosis results to Brinlee, joking that she "understood the assignment".

One asked the TikToker if the mole removal hurt, and Brinlee replied: "To be honest he said it hurt pretty bad after, but during that, they numbed him up so the actual removal didn't hurt as bad. Hope this helps!"

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