Delivery man does job without saying any words – and is still let into homes

A delivery driver has left people cackling after he proved he didn’t have to speak coherent words to do his job.

Will Unsworth earns a living by delivering parcels which can be a very on the go and non-stop job.

But recently, the lad realised he didn’t have to put in as much effort as he first thought.

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Hilariously, Will found out that he didn’t have to speak actual words to do his job up to standards – and, no, he didn’t deliver parcels in silence.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up millions of views, Will demonstrated how he only had to make sounds while communicating through an apartment intercom.

He explained: “I don’t need to say words at delivery job.”

As Will rang the buzzer to drop off a parcel for someone in the building, he simply spoke a form of gibberish.

Surprisingly, the bloke on the other end didn’t even question Will and the random noises he made so buzzed him straight through.

Just to prove that his wordless technique worked, Will filmed himself buzzing another intercom.

After the woman said hello, the delivery lad enthusiastically replied: “Bubbly bubbly.”

Again, without hesitation she asked Will to wait “one second” before she buzzed him in.

Onto the next stop, Will confidently announced “who-hee."

However this time the to bloke on the receiving end actually questioned what Will had said.

Not cracking, Will simply told the bloke that he was there for a delivery.

Thinking that he just misheard the deliveryman, he giggled before letting the lad in.

Left in fits of laughter at Will’s stunt, many people fled to the comments to praise the delivery guy and his creative prank.

One person commented: “Hahaha the last one genuinely thought he’d misheard you say delivery.”

Another user added: “Why the first dude reply in the same language.”

While a third person voiced: “That "oh haha oh" from the last guy just thinking his hearing was bad the first time around.”

Someone else giggled: “I swear this is how they all be talking into the com I can’t hear a word.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person declared: “Watched it 20 times can't stop laughing.”


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