‘Dance Moms’ star Zackery Torres reveals they’re transitioning

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“Dance Moms” star Zackery Torres announced on TikTok that they are transgender and are in the process of transitioning.

Torres also said that moving forward they’ll be using the pronouns “they/she.”

“I’m transitioning. That means I’m transgender if you didn’t know,” she said in the video. “My pronouns are they/she, which means that they or she are totally fine, and I’m just hopping on here to tell you that I’m going to be posting more on TikTok and I’m excited about it!”

“LIFE UPDATE #fyp #foryou #dancemoms #viral #update #clasof2021,” she captioned the video, which used Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” as background music.

Torres, 22, joined the “Dance Moms” world as the first male-born contestant on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” before joining the Candy Apple team for “Dance Moms.”

She first came out as non-binary while attending the University of Southern California, where they were studying for her Bachelors of Fine Arts in dance. She’s currently getting their Masters of Arts in public relations and advertising.

Torres told the school’s newspaper, the Daily Trojan, last year that pressure from dance teachers to perform like “a man” really got to them.

“I started seeing all of the expectations that teachers—well-known dance teachers, and well-known choreographers—had for me as a male dancer growing up and at the time identifying as a boy,” Torres explained. “Oh, you’re too feminine, you need to dance like a man.’ Just having teachers tell you that on national television, all this stuff, it kind of really got to me.”

She continued, “Everyone always talks about how inclusive the arts communities are. But I’m just not really feeling it. I’m not seeing it on an everyday scale.”

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