Daily horoscope for January 10: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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It’s a case of the Mondays today, as the planets’ movements will leave your emotions feeling scattered. However, by the end of the day, you’ll be moving into a greater sense of spiritual clarity and connection to your higher self. Look out for fortuitous coincidences today.

Today, the Moon moves out of Aries and into strong and steady Taurus.

With this shift, you will feel grounded by Taurus’ down-to-earth energy.

The Taurus Moon emphasizes bodily pleasures: dancing, eating and snoozing will all feel extra indulgent today.

Today is a great day to move your body in whatever way feels good for you, whether it’s boogying around your kitchen, or getting bendy in a yoga class.

However, later on, Venus forms a semi-square to Jupiter, which can give rise to feelings of discontent, particularly in relationships.

This feeling of unease can mean you risk going too far in trying to correct the situation and come across as overbearing.

Try to resist this temptation to go overboard on the affection, it’s coming from a place of insecurity.

Instead, stay grounded in the Taurus Moon energy and don’t give in to negative emotions.

This hard-to-please mood won’t last long as later on, the Sun will form a sextile with Neptune.

This cosmic combination will flood you with relaxed and easygoing energy.

Neptune is concerned with your authentic and spiritual self, so when the Sun is interacting with this blue giant, you will tap into your search for higher meaning.

As a result, you’ll be feeling more inspired and intuitive, seeking to express yourself through creativity.

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The heightened sense of intuition will lead you to a deeper understanding and empathy for those around you.

You’ll look past superficial differences and find more authentic connections with people.

That’s not all either: you will also feel more in tune with the universe.

Expect to notice more meaningful connections and coincidences taking place around you.

The universe is always offering up serendipitous moments, but most of the time we are too wrapped up elsewhere to notice them.

Today with Neptune and the Sun in a sextile, you’re vibrating on a higher level and will notice the universe’s wily tricks.

Enjoy this feeling of communion with the higher spiritual plane.

When you’re syncing up with the cosmos, it’s a good time to trust your gut.

Follow your impulses and have conviction in your beliefs.

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