Clever tricks to help you keep your kitchen organised

Organise your messy kitchen for FREE: Clever hacks will keep your cupboards tidy without forking out for pricey storage solutions – including using a Slinky to store plastic lids

  • Kitchen items can often get out of control in our cupboards but not any longer
  • Creative minds at Blossom have come up with 14 clever organisation tricks
  • Include rolling out food so you can file it in the freezer and angled shelves

We’ve all gone to the kitchen cupuboard only to be greeted with an avalanche of stray Tupperware lids and stray pots and pans, while on the hunt for food.  

But messy cupboards need not be a problem any longer, after the creatives at the US-based site Blossom compiled a list of 14 handy tricks to help you find organisational bliss for your shelves. 

And while storage solutions can be pricey, the hacks are specifically designed for those on a smaller budget too, making use of bits of rubbish you may be throwing away. 

Tricks include a tissue box as a bag dispenser, a sweet dispenser made from one orange juice carton and vegetable drawer dividers created from old milk bottles.


By stretching a slinky toy into a circle and super gluing the two ends together, you can make the perfect lid storage solution for your food containers. Coupled with a rotating plate it makes finding the matching lid even easier


Using the old empty cereal boxes you would usually throw away, you can make the perfect spice drawer to keep everything organised and displayed beautifully


Instead of having cans of soup and beans stacked on top of each other, Blossom suggests moving the front of your cupboard shelves down one notch to make it tilt, and adding tension rods to hold the cans in place – making a beautifully organised display


Make use of your old ringbinder folders you no longer need, by detaching the clasp and attaching it to the inside of the cupboard for the perfect space saving solution


Tension rods come in handy again with this next trick which helps save much needed space in cluttered kitchens, by clipping up bags of crisps and snacks instead of them lying around 


Possibly one of the simplest but most helpful of all the hacks is this chopstick trick, which means you can balance multiple dishes on top of each other in the fridge without making a mess


When you’re in a rush and in need of a plastic bag to head to the shops a tissue box can be turned into the perfect bag dispenser in a few simple steps


Why not try rolling out the products you’re placing into freezer bags and laying them flat on top of each other in a  magazine filing box in the freezer to save space?


The fruit and vegetable drawer in a fridge can often get messy so why not try this quick and simple trick of cutting milk cartons in half to divide out your five a day


To cover up your messy drawer, why not create a quick cover up solution – gluing a cutlery organiser to a piece of wood which is perfectly sized to fit in the drawer and sits on top of the mess to hide it


To avoid freezer burn on your frozen food, why not try this quick hack which involves using the cut off packaging to tie around the bag and seal off the food inside


Cut a circle the same size as your glass container around the spout of a juice carton, then create four dividing sections from some card, add your sweet treats to the four parts and use the homemade spout to pour them out 


By cutting a straw in half you are able to make the perfect seal for a bag of chips, folding one half around the top before sliding the other half on top and closing it off


If you’re struggling for space in your kitchen, then why not try pulling the kitchen drawer out and using it as extra surface space by adding your chopping board on top

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