'Celebrity Dad of the Year' vlogger DELETES all of his YouTube videos

Daddy vlogger who has spent 12 years documenting family life suddenly DELETES his videos so his four children can have a ‘chance to curate their own stories online’ after facing criticism for exploiting them for cash

  • Jonathan, 42, and wife Anna 34, had ‘vlogged’ chunks of their children’s lives
  • Jonathan last week deleted all their videos, implying it was for sake of children
  • Couple faced backlash from trolls for sharing their trans child’s journey online 
  • But Jonathan says he wants to raise awareness of gender issues  

A daddy vlogger has deleted all his videos after 12 years of documenting family life in order to give his children a fresh start online.

Irish couple Jonathan Saccone-Joly, 42, and his wife Anna, 34, who live in Surrey, set up YouTube channel ‘The SacconeJolys’ in 2010. 

The duo began to document their life before and after having children Emilia, nine, Edie, eight, Alessia, five, and Andrea, four.  

They shared everything from the births of their brood to dinnertime with their almost 2 million followers and earned an estimated £1.5 million as a result of their online videos. 

But Jonathan has taken the decision to stop vlogging and delete his videos because he wants to give his children a chance to ‘curate their own life story on the internet’.

Irish vlogger Jonathan Saccone-Joly, 42, took to TikTok to explain why he was deleting the family’s popular YouTube videos 

Jonathan and Anna had set up the SacconeJolys to document their life before and after having children Emilia, 9 (front), Edie, 8 (right), Alessia, 5 (second right), and Andrea, 4 (left)

Anna and Jonathan have remained defiant about posting Edie’s journey, with the 42-year-old saying she wants to be in the videos and that he wants to raise awareness of gender issues 

Announcing the decision, he said: ‘Just because everybody tells you at one point in time that what you are doing is right, it does not necessarily mean that will always be right. 

‘I do not know if making YouTube videos was the right or wrong thing to do but I did it.’

The couple, who have kept their TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, have previously faced intense criticism from trolls who argue they are exploiting their children to make money and that they cannot give informed consent to appear online.  

After Jonathan recently revealed that he was non-binary ahead of releasing a memoir about his own life experiences called ‘All my friends are Invisible’ and the couple told the internet that their second oldest child was transgender and now called Edie they received further criticism from the trolls.

The latest backlash from trolls meant that Jonathan turned off comments on his TikTok account 

Trolls have said that they should not document Edie’s transgender journey so publicly on TikTok and YouTube, with many saying that she is too young to truly understand if she wants to change gender. 

Jonathan has remained defiant about posting Edie’s journey online, saying that she is happy to be in the videos and that he wants to spread awareness of gender issues.

Due to the latest backlash from trolls, Jonathan was forced to turn off comments on his TikTok account. 

Jonathan also faced backlash after he recently posted a TikTok video of Edie singing a song from the musical Beetlejuice which featured the word ‘paedophile.’ 

In 2019, Anna and Jonathan posted a video hitting back at trolls, claiming they were trying to ‘ruin their lives

In 2019, Anna and Jonathan faced further controversy after they appeared to discipline Alessia in one of the videos with a cold shower. 

In that same year, Anna and Jonathan posted a video hitting back at trolls, claiming they were trying to ‘ruin their lives.

Shockingly, in the YouTube post called  ‘We Have Some Bad News’, they revealed that they were reported to police over child abuse claims.

Anna said that they had built an amazing career through YouTube but that they had faced some ‘really ugly parts.’ 

This included a visit from police officers when Alessia was a baby to check her for bruises after they were reported for child abuse. 

And they added: ‘We have never claimed to be perfect as individuals or as parents, but our priority every day is to ensure that our children are healthy and happy, which they very much are.

‘We are devastated and disappointed to see that the negativity and nasty comments from online trolls has allowed for this to escalate. Unfortunately we will not be the first or last people in the public eye to experience the unregulated targeting of trolls.’

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