Can YOU spot the festive puppy in this Christmas scene?

Can YOU spot the only dog with a Santa hat in this festive design? Tricky seek-and-find puzzle will put you to the test

  • has created a new festive brainteaser sure to leave players baffled 
  • In the crowded Christmas scene is one hidden pooch wearing a Santa hat 
  • With no record to beat – could YOU be the quickest to find the hidden dog? 

A tricky brainteaser is challenging players to find the only puppy wearing a Santa hat in a busy Christmas scene.  

The baffling seek-and-find puzzle was created by in a bid to highlight the issues that could be causing our pooches unnecessary discomfort over the festive season.

There are several dogs dotted around the crowded design – but only one has a Santa hat perched on his head. 

So, do you think you’ll be able to find the hidden hound? Give it a try and put your observational skills to the test. 

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Hidden in the crowded festive scene is a dog wearing a Santa hat – but he’s surprisingly difficult to spot 

The pet insurance comparison site created the fun brainteaser in a bid to raise awareness of activities that can cause confusion and discomfort for your four-legged friend – like dressing them up in a festive outfit. 

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, said: ‘Good planning is key to a dog’s long term wellbeing. From discovering what activities it enjoys and building family time around this, to ensuring appropriate care and suitable pet insurance are in place. 

‘This will give peace of mind that any unexpected illnesses and misadventures that may occur along the way will not get in the way of you – and your pet – living your very best lives together.’ 

So, have you been able to spot the hidden pooch? If you’re still struggling scroll down for the answer. 

So, have you been able to spot the hidden pooch? If you’re still struggling take a look at the bottom right of the scene 

Another baffling festive seek-and-find puzzle has tasked challengers to find the diamond ring amongst the Christmas presents in a festive scene.

The vexing challenge has been created by UK-based store Ramsdens Jewellery to try and help Britons get into the festive spirit. 

With only one hidden symbol to find, puzzlers will have to look extra closely at the fiendish puzzle to spot the ring. 

And with a generous 35-second record to beat, could you become the fastest puzzler to complete the challenge? 

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Can YOU find the diamond ring in this Christmas scene? UK-based store Ramsdens Jewellery has created a baffling new seek-and-find puzzle

With so many gifts underneath the Christmas tree, spotting the hidden ring in the festive scene can be quite tricky. 

Only the most eagle-eyed amongst us will be able to spot the diamond ring within the 35-second record.  

If you’re struggling to find the ring, turn your attention to the middle section of the right hand side of the Christmas scene. 

If you still haven’t spotted the pesky diamond ring, scroll down to find the answer.  

Found it yet? The diamond ring is located in the middle of the right side of the festive scene

Another tricky seek-and-find brainteaser is challenging puzzlers to find Santa and his naughty elf, who’ve hidden themselves in amongst the train.

The Christmas-themed graphic has been created by UK train operator Grand Central to help spread some joy this festive season. 

On average it takes 27 seconds to find the two characters in the wintery scene. So, can you find them any faster?   

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A tricky new brainteaser, created by UK train operator Grand Central, is challenging Brits to find Santa and his naughty elf, who’ve hidden themselves in amongst the trains

Need a clue? They’re not hiding together, so you may find one before you spot the other!

Are you struggling? Or perhaps you give up altogether? 

You can find the answer below…

The mischievous elf can be seen hiding towards the bottom left-hand side of the image, while Father Christmas is residing to the right.   

The mischievous elf can be seen hiding towards the bottom left-hand side of the image, while Father Christmas is residing to the right

Another brainteaser challenges the nation to find the hidden toilet roll in a busy bathroom scene. 

The seek-and-find puzzle, created by British plumbing and heating supplier PlumbNation, features lots of usual items you’d find in a bathroom. 

Only, none of them are where they should be – so there’s no point looking next to the toilet!  

So, do you think you can easily find the sought after item in the messy bathroom? This one really will put your observation skills to the test.

British plumbing and heating supplier PlumbNation has put together a seek-and-find puzzle where players have to find the toilet paper roll in a busy bathroo

Look at the whole picture and analyse the items laid out in the bathroom – can you spot where the roll has been hidden? 

Struggling? The easiest way to find it  is by focusing on the white items. 

Still no luck? Direct your attention to the right side of the picture. 

Ready to give up or think you’ve got the puzzle figured out? Scroll down to reveal the answer! 

The loo roll is hiding by the soap bottles on the bathtub (pictured), but did you get the answer right?

Fancy some more brainteaser fun? Check out the seek-and-finds puzzles below!  

This seek-and-find brainteaser is packed with clues to 10 popular Christmas songs and the artists who sing them. 

The puzzle, created by subscription service, features cartoon depictions of singers and bands as seen in the music videos for their biggest festive hits. 

Some are more obvious than others, with a few particularly tricky clues needing an intimate knowledge of the music videos to spot.   

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Subscription service has put together this Christmas-themed brainteaser. So, do you think you can name all 10 hit music videos?

The creators claim there is a 2 minute 25-second record to beat. So, do you think you have what it takes?   

Struggling? Think of the bestselling songs by artists including Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. 

In need of another clue? Pay attention to the parts at the top of the image, where two clues are contained.

Think you know the answers? Scroll down to the image below to check whether you’re correct.  

The ten music videos include Michael Buble’s Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You 


1. Michael Buble – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

2. Spice Girls – When 2 Become 1

3. Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

4. The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

5. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You

 6. Wizzard – Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

7. Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone

8. East 17 – Stay Another Day

9. Wham – Last Christmas

10. Peter Auty – Walking In The Air

Another tricky seek-and-find game is challenging players to spot where the hedgehog is hiding in this leafy scene. 

Online gaming site has put together this autumnal brainteaser.

In this idyllic scene, a hedgehog is peering out from among crisp orange, red and brown leaves. 

Do you think you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot where the cute critter has been hiding?

British Online gaming site, have put together this autumnal brainteaser. Do you think you can spot the hedgehog hiding among the autumn leaves?

You’ll need to focus in order to spot the animal in this vibrant autumnal scene.

Struggling? Focus your attention on the right side of the image, where it should be easier to spot the hedgehog.

Still no luck?  Focus your attention on the darker leaves 

Giving up or thinking you got it right? Scroll down to see the answer below. 

Gotcha! The animal was hiding under the leaves in the bottom right corner of the picture, in the circled area

Meanwhile, this autumnal seek-and-find quiz challenges you to find the hidden hedgehog, but will you be up to the challenge? 

British blinds retailer 247 Blinds have created this challenging brainteaser with a seasonal theme to test your attention to detail. 

The tricky game sees a happy little hedgehog hiding in a leafy scene, surrounded by acorns, pine cones and multicolour tree leaves.

Can you find the tiny hedgehog hiding in this leafy scene for a brainteaser created by British blinds retailer 247 Blinds?

To make it harder, the hedgehog is shaped to look like the items that surround him, so that you’ll need to have a proper look at the picture to locate him.  

Struggling to find the little critter? Focus your attention on the bottom part of the picture. 

Giving up or want to check you got it right? You can scroll down to see the answer.

If you want some more, try your hand at more tricky brainteasers below!

The small hedgehog was hiding at the very bottom of the picture. It was hard to locate, because it was shaped like a pine cone 

Do you think you have an eager eye for spotting mistakes? Well, try putting your skills to the test with this beat the bathtub brainteaser.

The busy graphic, created by UK-based Nuie Bathrooms, depicts a hidden rubber duck amongst the soap suds,

But with the average person taking 28 seconds to spot the classic bathtub accessory – how long will it take you?  

The average person take 28 seconds to spot the hidden duck – but how long did it take you?

To make it harder, the duck isn’t in its usual bright shade of yellow… 

Are you finding it difficult to solve? Focus your attention on the bottom half of the picture. 

Still no luck? Scroll down to reveal the answer. 

Want to try your hand at other fiendishly difficult seek-and-finds? Look below for Femail’s selection of some of the trickiest. 

The little bath toy can be seen hiding in a left hand bubble at the bottom of the bath (pictured)

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