Caitlyn Jenner Says Being Trans 'Was Not a Big Part' of Her Divorce from Kris

“There were so many other bigger issues out there,” the former Olympian said — plus, Kim’s hilarious reaction on learning her new name.

Caitlyn Jenner says her being transgender “was not a big part” of her divorce, but she did stop short of saying it wasn’t at the very least an underlying factor in the dissolution of her marriage with Kris Jenner after 23 years.

“There were so many other bigger issues out there,” she told Rob Lowe on his Literally! podcast. She did, however concede that “because of my frustration with myself I might have been a little bit shorter with her, you know, near the end.”

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“There was a lot, boy there was a lot of things going on,” Caitlyn said. “And then all of a sudden we didn’t have any issues.” That was the moment they realized their differences were irreconcilable and that was okay.

Caitlyn said they were “calm” in realizing where they were. “You know it’s not working. I know it’s not working,” she said. And that was that. Caitlyn said she immediately wanted Kris to have the house and Kris immediately offered to help her find the perfect place for her.

“I want you to feel comfortable,” Caitlyn recalls Kris telling her. “She even found the place, she decorated the place, she did everything in Malibu.”

The former Olympian talked about being hounded by the media as she worked through her transition, struggling to maintain some sense of privacy.

Her very identity was a point of tabloid fodder to the point she recalled seeing in one a “woman’s body with my head on top. And my kids gotta see this.”

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In a lighter footnote to the challenges she faced with her transition, Caitlyn opened up a bit about her name and the famous spelling she didn’t go with. The name, she said, was on her list already and when her assistant suggested it, that locked it in.

But immediately, she thought of the whole “K” situation. After all, over in the Kardashian circles, all of the women have names that begin with “K.”

Hilariously, Caitlyn said that when she shared her new name with Kim, her daughter’s first reaction was, “Good, you stayed with the K’s.”

“I went, ‘No, I’m going with a C,'” Caitlyn laughed. “Yes, I had to break it to her easily. I said, ‘There’s got to be a little separation between church and state.'”

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