Brits giggling at cheeky Tesco Tips prank with signs snuck onto shelves

Brits have been giggling over a number of fake signs that have been slipped onto shelves in Tesco to offer “tips” to shoppers.

Posting on Reddit, an anonymous Tesco patron shared some snaps of the amusing signs from his local supermarket.

Giggling along he captioned them: “Tesco tips are getting more and more useful!”

And, almost 3,000 people have liked the funny photos.

In one snap, a note beneath the Tyrell’s vegetable crisps said: “Tescos Tip: ‘Accidentally’ buy some crisps that your spouse doesn’t like so that you don’t have to share.”

While another by the Lindt Lindor sweets noted: “Tescos Tip: Why not buy less stuff this Christmas and not get yourself into debt?"

The final prank note – which was not added to the shelf by employees – was underneath the rose wine.

It said: “Made by actual blue nuns in sea caves protected by wild otters, full bodies with a hint of wet sand.

“Taste guide: dancehall.”

In the comments, 100 Brits were chuckling at the cheeky prank.

One person joked: “I can actually use the first tip, though. Very practical.”

Another wrote: “Is this some kind of art project? They didn't have any comical signs at the Tesco I went to today. Alas.”

To which a poster replied: “Someone’s just put these in store, yes.”

“Looks like someone had a good laugh in work with the label maker haha,” chuckled another.

While another said: “Now I want to run around Tesco and find all the tips.”

Other posters shared their sneaky hacks for hiding snacks from the family.

One person said: "I love the first one.

"And then once you bring the crisps home you hide them in the cupboard so if somebody in the house does like them they won’t be able to find were they are.

"Unless they are like me and they’ll look for secret crisps in every nook and cranny i will end up finding them eventually lol."

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While another added: "We have a designated 'Crisp bag', which is a bag for life hung on the back of the pantry door, any multipack gets emptied into there and it's a free for all.

"What I do is empty half the multipack into the crisp bag and hide the remaining packets. Everyone assumes someone else ate the good ones when we run out of everything bar ready salted."

A third commented: "PRO TIP buy the wife something you don't like but your kids do and something you like that no one else likes, then everyones happy."

Do you ever purposefully buy snacks your other half doesn’t like? Tell us in the comments…

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