Bride hurls wedding cake at maid of honour’s face in savage prank

A bride decided to turn the cake cutting tradition at her wedding into a savage prank on her maid of honour – and it was all caught on camera.

Melanie Joy, the prank victim, sharing the hilarious clip to TikTok recently and it has already been seen more than 1.1 million times.

In the clip, Melanie is standing to the bride's left while watching them cutting the wedding cake.

As the bride and groom pick up the first slice, they both suddenly turn around and throw it into Melanie and the best man's faces.

The maid of honour screams in shock and freezes for a second.

The cream sticks to her forehead and nose, smudging her makeup while other guests watch in shock.

But soon the bride comes over and gives her a hug as she tries to clean up.

Most viewers said they were surprised at how well Melanie handled the practical joke, saying they would be "so mad" if it happened to them.

Melanie then clarified the situation and wrote: "I wasn't mad. My brother had already spilled an entire glass of red wine on my dress five minutes into the reception, so I just embraced it."

She also said it "looked worse than it was".

Others were worried that she would have to pay an extra fee to re-do her makeup as one said: "Do y'all understand how expensive wedding makeup is, especially being the Maid of Honour. I would cry."

Melanie explained later that it was a fun prank and everyone at the reception laughed.

She said: "She is the most genuine person I've ever met and just because she smashed cake into my face, I would not end the friendship there.

"I'm so amazed that how many negative comments I've gotten on this."

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