Body mod fan on mission to become Black Alien is 37% complete after new op

Body modification fanatic Anthony Loffredo, aka 'The Black Alien Project', has showed off pictures of his latest procedure – blue glass scalpelling.

The procedure comes as he continues his quest to become 'the most modified person in history.'

The 33-year-old Frenchman showed appeared in a post by renowned body-modifier Mictlan Mazatl rocking an enormous 20mm labret plug shown prominently underneath his bottom lip.

Mazatl wrote in the caption: "It is an honour for me to collaborate with the best body modifier of the moment and to make jewellery for one of the most extreme characters in the world of body modification."

Whilst Loffredo hasn't yet opened up about the procedure himself, he seems to be pleased with the results.

He posted a short clip of himself modelling the jewel whilst claiming that his transformation is now '37% complete'.

Loffredo has undergone a number of surgical procedures in recent years, including cutting off his nose and upper lip, getting his tongue split, dying his skin black, inserting 'alien' ridges into his forehead and getting his entire body – including his eyeballs- covered in intricate tattoos.

Anthony is so committed to the project that he even took a trip to Mexico recently in order to have two of the fingers on his left hand amputated.

However, he has admitted that there are setbacks to the project.

Anthony claimed that he struggled to speak for quite some time after getting his nose and top lip removed during an Instagram Live event last year.

He also mentioned that he ended up going temporarily blind after getting his eyeballs tattooed black.

Loffredo explained how his body modification obsession began during an interview with French paper Midi Libre back in 2017.

He said at the time: "From a very young age, I have been passionate about mutations and transformations of the human body.

"I had a click when I was a security guard. I realised that I was not living my life the way I wanted. I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia.

"I love getting into the shoes of a scary character. I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets.

"I like to explore the contrast between the role I play and myself."

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